Coquette nail art ideas to channel your inner 'Pinterest girl' vibe

They are so cute and chic, you'd want to get them all!

22 February, 2024
Coquette nail art ideas to channel your inner 'Pinterest girl' vibe

The coquette aesthetic is a trend the internet has been falling in love with! Our feeds have been flooded with ultrafeminine aesthetics lately with bows and baby pink taking centrestage. 

But what does coquette mean? The literal meaning of coquette is “a flirtatious woman”. However, the trend is all about romanticising the little things in life. The coquette aesthetic involves embracing all things feminine, many of which were considered rather frivolous until Barbie took the world by storm in shades of pink. Brownie points if you're listening to Lana Del Rey on loop! 

You don't need to dress head to toe looking like a Pinterest board (it wouldn't hurt though) to get on board with this trend. You can start with your nails instead. Here are a few nail art ideas with bows and little pearls that will bring out your girly side.

Bow-nita nails

Feel like a bonita with this cute bow-and-heart nail art! For this look, opt for French tips in light shades of pink such as cherry blossom or piggy pink. Paint little hearts and bows helming the colour. This cute mani will give you a look that's equal parts romantic and mischievous!

Pearl perfection

Feel like a character in Bridgerton with this elegant nail art, featuring tiny 3D pearl embellishments. Paint your French tips ivory and let these 3D embellishments add a tone-on-tone effect. This nail art will add a touch of sophistication to your coquette look!

Kawaii nails 

Kawaii is all about all things cute, like little strawberries, checks, cupcakes and more. Bring out your kawaii aesthetic with strawberry-themed 3D bow nail art and embellished pearls, where cuteness and flirtatiousness collide in the most fabulous way possible. 

Grunge cutie 

While most people assume that the coquette aesthetic is supposed to be soft, there is a more fierce side to it. Give those basic French tips an upgrade with something fierce like a silver 3D bow nail art. If you're sweet with a sprinkle of savage, this one's for you. 

K-nails all the way 

If you love Korean culture, dramas, and their oppas, this one's for you. To get it right, opt for hearts, beads, and flowers in just the right amount to perfectly blend coquetry and a dash of cuteness.

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