5 lip types and what they say about your personality 

When your pout shape does all the talking.

09 September, 2023
5 lip types and what they have to say about your personality 

Did you know your lip shape might reveal the kind of person you are? You might be surprised (we were too!) but the size and shape of your lips could be a window into your personality—there’s even a whole age-old practice about it called face reading, whose experts believe that our features are linked to our personality traits. Which means, your features—from your eyes, ears, to even your face shape—could reveal more about you than you think. 

Are you intrigued? We’ve got you! Read ahead to discover what your lip type reveals about you. 

Thin lips

Emma Watson

People with thin lips—think stars like Emma Watson and Kirsten Dunst—are introverts. They don’t mind their own company and are content with being on their own. This means, they are also fiercely independent and self-reliant. If you have thin lips, you are highly ambitious and like staying in control but you also have a softer side that others rarely get to see a glimpse of. 

Wide lips

Wide lips usually indicate friendliness and a hearty personality. So, if you have wide lips, you are likely to be an extrovert and good at making friends—if you go to a party, you’re sure to befriend a stranger or two by the end of it! People with wide lips are also known to be good leaders and look for perfection in every aspect of their life.

Lips that are plumper in the centre

Priyanka Chopra

If you have lips that are plump in the centre, like Chrissy Teigen’s or Priyanka Chopra’s, then you are a social butterfly through and through. You love being the centre of attention and thrive in the spotlight. You are a people’s person, and would rather be in the company of others than be alone. Even when it comes to relationships, you love being extra, and are always up for a bit of fun and excitement!

Heart-shaped lips

Those with heart-shaped lips (think Scarlet Johansson and Marylin Monroe) are strong-willed and independent—they know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it. If you have a heart-shaped pout, you are totally glamorous, have a razor-sharp wit, and are passionate about things that matter to you. There’s more—you are also quite creative and artistic!

Lips with a highly-defined cupid’s bow

Taylor Swift

If you have a peaked cupid’s bow, think something like Taylor Swift’s, then chances are, you are highly creative. You are a self-aware queen who also has quite an impressive memory and are great at remembering names and faces. You are a true-blue perfectionist—you love self-expression and want to be as productive as possible.