7 cool women share their favourite men's perfume

We asked some of the coolest women in the country to share their favourite men’s perfume picks.

28 February, 2023
7 cool women share their favourite men's perfume

A good scent can leave a lasting impression. Women love a man wearing good perfume, which can stimulate our olfactory senses. Cosmo India, got the coolest women in the country to reveal which men's perfume gets them going!

Priyanka Bose, Actor

Priyanka Bose

“I Love Fahrenheit...always have, as it reminds me of my father. [He passed away last year.] I feel very grounded when I smell it, and it’s emblematic of a very hard working culture that my father’s generation stood for. And whenever I feel like I need to balance my yin and yang, I like to indulge in the deep warmth that Fahrenheit leaves me with.”

Kayaan Shiraz Contractor, Digital Content Creator 

Kayaan Shiraz Contractor

“I like the way this fragrance elevates a day scent...it’s not too sweet, not too strong. Clinique Happy has a hint of citrus and its cool, crisp notes feel very refreshing on a hot day. And it just makes me, well...happy

Nilu Yuleena Thapa, Digital Content Creator 

Nilu Yuleena Thapa

“I choose fragrances based on their notes, and not the gender it is branded for. I prefer woody scents over floral ones, and I love Ombré Leather by Tom Ford and Sauvage by Dior. And since I love masculine, structured clothes, I think these scents work well my with outfits, too.”

Roohi Oomerbhoy Jaikishan, Executive Director at RR Oomerbhoy 

Roohi Oomerbhoy

“Perfume, for me, is inextricably linked to memory. I was quite the nose when I was a young girl—opening fragrance bottles not only from my mother’s collection, but also from my dad’s dressing room. The top notes of Dior Savage and Dior Homme, and the comforting scent of Imperial Leather...my father had a fabulous collection. In fact, I nicked many a Tom Ford perfume from him. I have a preference for vetiver and the unisex perfumes by Byredo and Le Labo are my absolute favourites. Also, my husband wears one by Acqua di Parma and it’s one of my favourite fragrances.”

Bhakti Bhatt, Senior Brand Manager, Tarz Distribution India Private Limited 

Bhakti Bhatt

“Gender fluidity is at its peak right now—be it in the fashion or beauty universe. However, it has always existed in the world of fragrances. For me, it all started when I first used my father’s Old Spice Aftershave as a perfume...and owing to my professional life in the beauty sector, my fondness and understanding of fragrances grew deeper. I was drawn towards the scents of Oudh Ispahan from Parfum Christian Dior and Gentleman Boisee from Givenchy. Oudh Ispahan is the perfect combination of woodyspicy notes mixed with delicate floral ones, while Gentleman Boisee is a warm scent with a mild hint of cocoa blended with spices...and I love them both dearly.”

Aishwarya Nair Mathew, Hotelier and Lifestyle Consultant 


“As a sommelier by profession, scent is a super-important factor in my life. I truly enjoy wearing men’s fragrances because I like being bold, effective, and luxurious with my personal scent. I enjoy many perfumes, and what I wear on a particular day depends on my outfit and mood. The Dries Van Noten Par Frederic Malle is an outstanding fragrance. Also, Maison Margiela makes some excellent unisex scents, and I particularly enjoy By The Fire Place.”

Amrita Bagchi, Actor 


“What I like the most about Calicut from Bombay Perfumery is its base notes. I am a huge fan of vetiver and love its earthy reminders...it makes me feel rooted. It’s a warm reminder of my childhood summers in Bengal, as clichéd as that may sound. I don’t subscribe to the fact that perfumes are gender-specific. A scent is a mood, and mood has no gender. This is why I love traditional attars. They are so much more gender-fluid and simply cater to a state of mind as opposed to who is wearing them. Memories have no gender, and smell is the quickest way to travel to the past. Calicut tends to do that for me.”