Everything You Need To Know About Vegan Beauty

The what, why, and try now of vegan beauty!

By Mehak Mishra
28 July, 2022
Everything You Need To Know About Vegan Beauty

The time has come to walk the talk when it comes to sustainability. The Climate crisis is real (and frightening), therefore, it has become increasingly important to learn how to incorporate environment-friendly practices in our day-to-day lives, for real, everlasting impact. An honest shift in perspective along with an adaptive approach is important. This means it all starts with taking stock of the little things that have a big impact. This includes, how mindfully we live, what we eat, wear, and the products we use. Veganism, once associated with picky eaters, has gone mainstream. And thankfully, big brands and industries are responding to it conscientiously. Cosmetics brands worldwide are shifting focus on bringing out cruelty-free vegan products. As reported by Fortune Business Insights report, ‘Vegan Cosmetics Market, 2021-2028’, the Vegan cosmetics market is estimated to grow from $15.87 billion in 2021 to $24.79 billion in 2028. Enough reason for luxe brands to cater to well-informed consumers, which as it turns out, is great for the planet as well.

Here is everything you need to know about vegan beauty and homegrown vegan beauty recommendations to add to your shelf. Why wait for things to change, when you can be the change!

Vegan beauty v/s Cruelty-free 
When it comes to vegan beauty, people often confuse cruelty-free products as all things vegan. This is what it actually means–“The principle behind veganism is that all animals have a right to life and freedom. Vegan beauty products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Instead of using animals as a commodity, the focus is on plant and mineral-based alternatives,” explains dermatologist Dr. Chytra V Anand, founder of Kosmoderma Clinics. She further adds, “Vegan does not mean that the products are cruelty-free. Products aren’t derived from animals but can be tested on them, whereas with cruelty-free products, ingredients haven't been tested on animals. They can be both vegan or animal-derived.”

Vegan beauty demystified
As consumers are getting more evolved, they want to use products that resonate with their core values. With so much conversation around harmful toxins in cosmetic products, people have started researching their products before stocking up. According to reports by the United Nations environment program, animal products are a huge cause of environmental damage, climate change, and water depletion. If you are in the early stages of jumping on the vegan bandwagon, then the first step to doing that is to avoid common animal-derived ingredients which include, honey, collagen, lanolin, keratin, beeswax, carmine, gelatin, and non-synthetic retinol.

Vegan beauty myth busters according to Dr Chytra V Anand

Myth: Vegan is natural T
Fact: They can be naturally derived or synthetic too, which means produced in a lab and not necessarily derived naturally.
Myth: Vegan is cruelty-free 
Fact: A certification is required for brands to claim the vegan label. 
Myth: Vegan is organic 
Fact: That might not be the case with every product, as they might have artificial ingredients.
Myth: Vegan is better 
Fact: Veganism benefits the ecosystem, but in terms of the efficacy of the product, vegan skincare is not more or less efficient for the skin. It's important to pick these products according to your skin type and do a patch test, or else even vegan products can aggravate the skin.

And finally, we’ve scoured the market to bring you the ultimate list of face serums from homegrown vegan + cruelty-free brands to try!

1. Retinol & Peptide Serum, Neemli, Rs. 1,575 


2. Advanced Eternal Youth Formula Date & Litchi, The Forest Essentials, Rs. 4,600

Forest Essentials

3.Rejuvenating Serum, Daughter Earth, Rs. 1,895

Rejuvenating serum

4. Mighty Mulberry Serum - brightening vitamin C serum, Ilana, Rs. 395

Mighty Mulberry Serum

5. Kumkumadi Miraculous Ayurvedic Night Serum, kama Ayurveda, Rs. 895

Kumkumadi Miraculous Ayurvedic Night Serum

6. Aquarius - Ultra Hydrating Tripeptide Serum, Pulp Cosmetics, Rs. 599

Aquarius- Ultra Hydrating Tripeptide Serum

7. 10% Niacinamide Face Serum with Rice Water, Plum Goodness, Rs. 405