Haircare products to protect your mane this winter

Give your hair the much-needed TLC! 

22 January, 2023
Haircare products to protect your mane this winter

There is nothing better than putting on your warmest, most comfortable hoodie with matching fuzzy slippers and sitting with a hot cup of cocoa on a winter morning. However, while you’re enjoying the welcome change from summer’s scorching heat, your hair may be suffering. It needs the same level of TLC you give your face with your 12-step hydrating regime. The cold makes your scalp dry and your strands frizzy. Not only is that not a look anyone is going for (ever!) it’s also extremely damaging for the hair. 

We rounded up a few products that can help you get through this season with smooth hair that is bouncing in joy. Scroll down and start bookmarking! 

Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate-Me. Wash  

kevin murphy

If the harsh winter is drying your hair out, quench its thirst by using this ultra-moisturising shampoo. It’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins and nourishing oil goodness that will breathe some life back into lacklustre hair. 

GK Hair Global Keratin Argan Serum  


Infused with a natural Keratin blend and Argan oil, this serum by GK Hair Global leaves your tresses feeling velvety soft. It battles with frizz and coats each strand with a protective layer to prevent it from drying out. This serum deserves a spot in your winter haircare regime!  

Milk_shake’s Argan Deep Treatment  


Anyone with intensely wavy or curly hair knows the importance of a good deep treatment mask. Especially in this dry and cold season. And this one from Milk_shake not only makes your hair softer and manageable but it also seals the cuticles to protect your curls from frizzing out. It’s infused with wheat proteins, panthenol and a Vitamin E derivative. It’s your secret to bouncy and beautiful curls not only in the winter, but all year round. 

Tymo’s Sway Styling Iron   


With MCH technology and motion control, the styling iron from Tymo is the styling tool you need this winter. The nano titanium plates work hard to leave your hair straighter, smoother, and without any frizz, all while reducing heat damage. If these aren’t styling tool green flags, then we don’t know what are! 

Kerastase Discipline Fluidissime Anti-Frizz Spray 


Ever wished you could just spray all the frizz away? The Kerastase Discipline Fluidissime does just that. It’s an anti-frizz spray that also acts as a heat protectant for upto 72 hours. The end result is salon-like happy and bouncy hair that will give you all the TLC right back.