How to Dry Your Hair Faster Without Using a Blow Dryer

In a hurry? Two hair care experts share advice on how to fasten the drying process using these *genius* hacks.

11 August, 2021
How to Dry Your Hair Faster Without Using a Blow Dryer

Do you mark the days you have to wash your hair on a calendar? Well, we certainly do. Cause, to be honest, it takes *hella* long and requires a wake-up-early alarm, just so that the ritual doesn't end up taking over our entire day. And, while washing your hair isn't an easy feat, neither is the drying part that often follows. For those of you with curly, frizzy hair, seriously, best of luck. 

But what if we were to tell you that we have a few genii tricks up our sleeve—ones that could cut down the time-consuming process by nearly half? Yup, you heard that right. Cosmo got in touch with two hair care experts who elucidate the super-smart ways in which you can make your hair dry faster (that too without a blow dryer!) So, if you're one of us hair strugglers, take note. 


Absorb Excess Water With a T-Shirt or Handkerchief


A towel turban? Nah, been there, done that. Opt for a cotton t-shirt instead. Dr Stuti Khare Shukla, Hair Growth Queen of India, says, "They are softer and more absorbent and won't cause any friction or breakage. However, if you don't own a simple cotton t-shirt (girl, you gotta update your wardrobe ASAP), wring out a kitchen handkerchief. The material is soft and absorbent and can extract an impressive amount of water from your hair as well." 


Condition and Comb Through


"A conditioner not only moisturises your hair but also speeds up the drying process. Each strand is coated with silicone, which seals it and repels water. You'll observe the difference if you have a wide-toothed comb in your shower, which helps hasten the drying of particles. Always comb through before applying conditioner to ensure an even application," suggests Audrey D’Souza, Hair Lead Educator, Lakmé Salon.


Pick the Right Hair Brush 


If you're an all-day-everyday blow-dry kinda person, make sure you're using the correct brush for the job. "To dry your hair as rapidly as possible, use a ceramic-vented round brush or a thermal flat brush which allows air to flow in and help dry your strands more quickly. Also, ensure that your blow-dryer's nozzle is pointing downwards," adds D'Souza. 


Turn Down the Heat


Have you set your blow-dryer heat on the highest as you've walked out of a shower? Incorrect. According to Dr Shukla, doing so will end up frying your hair. Hence, it is important to apply a heat protectant serum or spray beforehand. "Preferably, use an ionic hairdryer. Negative ions can help dry hair faster by reducing static electricity and breaking down the water molecules."

Audrey adds, "The best technique is to rely on a combination of blow-drying and air drying. Before you reach for the blow dryer, wait as long as possible post your hair wash. This simple technique pre-dries your hair, requiring only a quick touch up with the blow dryer. Plus, these pre-dried strands are relatively easier to style and shape while blow-drying since they have a tighter grip."


Drop the Towel


Contrary to popular belief, your towel doesn't really help dry your hair out. "Instead, it may contribute to hair breakage due to the excessive friction caused. Alternatively, you could use a soft towel with microfibers. The soft texture absorbs double the water and doesn't end up causing as much friction or breakage," explains Dr Stuti. 


Opt For the Right Products


"Use special styling products that cut down the blow-drying time by half, while also inflicting minimal damage to your hair structure. The TIGI Bed Head After Party Smoothening Cream works well as it is infused with lightweight conditioners and is formulated with an anti-frizz complex that reduces the blow-dry time, leaving your hair feeling soft, smooth, and healthy," informs D'Souza.