How to avoid a white cast from your sunscreen

Go from Casper to sunkissed beach glow with these simple tips.

16 May, 2024
How to avoid a white cast from your sunscreen

After being bombarded with articles, advice, and warning signs from your skincare-savvy friends, you've finally committed to applying sunscreen every single day. Only to find out that the one you're using leaves you looking like a ghost. So much for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays! Instead of sporting a sun-kissed glow, you're left with a complexion that's more Casper than beach babe.

It's frustrating and annoying. But this is a common dilemma faced by many, and we're here to bid farewell to the dreaded white cast of sunscreen and show you how to reclaim your natural radiance.

Choose the right sunscreen for your skin type

Opt for sunscreens labelled as "clear" or "invisible" to reduce the likelihood of a white cast. Look for formulations that are specifically designed for your skin type. For instance, a gel-based sunscreen for oily skin, hydrating or moisturising ones for dry skin, etc. 

Try a tinted sunscreen

Tinted sunscreens are your best bet to avoid white casts, as they blend into your skin more seamlessly. These are also great for those with uneven skin tone or pigmentation, and they're a perfect swap for foundation during the sweaty summers. Look for ones that are closest match your skin tone.

Apply the right amount

Using the right amount of sunscreen is imperative. While applying too little can makes it ineffective, applying too much can and will lead to white cast. The two-finger theory is tricky, but what you can do is start with a small amount, blend it into the skin, and then add more as needed. 

Allow it to absorb

Give the sunscreen some time to absorb into your skin before assessing whether there's a white cast. Sometimes, the initial white appearance will fade as the sunscreen settles. In the meantime, you can continue to gently massage the product into your skin. 

Consider Layering

If you're using a physical sunscreen (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide), consider layering it with a moisturiser or primer to help minimise the white cast.

Switch to sunscreen sticks

Sunscreen sticks are easy to use and convenient for targeted applications, especially around the eyes and mouth. They usually have a lightweight texture and are less likely to leave a noticeable white cast. And the best part? They are easy to carry in your bag and make re-application a breeze! 

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