Megan Fox’s 'bombshell shine' lob is giving major Jessica Rabbit vibes

Glazed doughnut hair FTW.

By Lia Mappoura
24 February, 2023
Megan Fox’s 'bombshell shine' lob is giving major Jessica Rabbit vibes

There's no denying that Megan Fox knows how to turn a lewk. From her short blonde bob and fringe cut to the time she wore 'fresh out the shower' hair – oh, and even that 'after sex' inspired 'dothere's not much the actor hasn't ticked off the roster. But today, Megan has filled a void we didn't even know existed with a hair look that's very much giving Jessica Rabbit vibes. As I'm sure you can imagine, it's FIRE.

Taking to his Instagram feed to debut the look, Megan's hairstylist, Andrew Fitzsimons shared a two-part carousel post. In the caption, he reveals that this was a hairdo created for the Grammys, however, seeing as she wore a classic middle-parting with the ends flicked up look for the awards ceremony, we suspect this was her after-party style. I mean, two looks for one nightsuper cazsh, we know.

"@meganfox for the #Grammys ♥️🔥 Hair by me using @andrewfitzsimonshair", Andrew writes.

Would you just look at that wavy gloss? No wonder Andrew called it 'bombshell shine' on his Instagram Story.

Not only do we love the glazed doughnut hair (if we can even call it that), but we love the style, too. The side-part bouffant curls are very Old Hollywood and paired with that red, strapless dress is just peak JR.

Credit: Cosmopolitan