Revealed: Here's What Alia Bhatt's Skincare Routine Looks Like

The secret to Alia's glowing skin lies in the details. From her easy yet power-packed beauty routine to her utter diligence in making sure she practices it every single day—she indeed has some amazing beauty tips to offer. 

26 July, 2021
Revealed: Here's What Alia Bhatt's Skincare Routine Looks Like

Alia Bhatt's glowing skin on-screen is not just because of the army of beauty artists and the best lights surrounding her. It has a lot to do with her skincare routine too, something she swears by. And it shows! Without a speck of makeup, you can see how she effortlessly makes her dewy skin dreams come true. Recently, the actor made a comeback on her Youtube channel sharing her in-depth skincare routine and we have to say, we learned quite a few tricks and tips. Check out below as we decode her skincare routine. 

She shares, "my skincare routine is one of the most important parts of my life and the most exciting part of my day." She goes on to talk about her little black kit which goes with her everywhere and includes all the products she uses on a daily basis.

Following a 6-step skincare routine, she begins by using a sculpting tool to 'wake up' her face and to reduce the puffiness caused by water retention.

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She begins by spritzing a face mist and massages her face for approximately 1-2 minutes. Next, she follows it up with a cream-based eye cream.

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Going on to rave about her 'most favourite' product, she mentions how it consists of niacinamide, talking about the benefits she shared, "it helps you get rid of fine lines, offers hydrations and helps in the regeneration of skin cells." Offering a quick tip, Alia says, "whatever you put on your face, make sure you put it on your neck and hands too."

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The next product she applies is caffeine solution drops to reduce puffiness from her face.

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Following it up with a hydrating moisturiser, she lastly adds a sunscreen and says, "I cannot even explain how important sunscreen is!" and we couldn't agree more!

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Check out the video below.