Uh-Oh, There Could Be Metal In Your Hair! Here’s How You Can Neutralise It

The new Metal DX treatment by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris helps neutralise the metal in your hair fiber and protect it from breakage

26 July, 2022
Uh-Oh, There Could Be Metal In Your Hair! Here’s How You Can Neutralise It

Did you know that we all have metal in our hair? Yup, thanks to the presence of metal particles in the water used to wash our hair (due to the erosion of metal piping), even the cleanest water could still be overloaded with metal. Whether you are taking a shower at home or using the backwash station at your salon, wash after wash, these metal particles accumulate inside our hair fiber. Now, our hair tends to act as a sponge, so the more porous your fiber, the greater this accumulation of metal is. Before you freak out, the presence of metal in your hair is not a health risk (phew!) It can, however, prove quite harmful to your hair health, creating the risk of breakage and impacting the quality of your hair color leading to unpredictable color results.



Introducing, the Metal DX treatment by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, a truly disruptive innovation in hair care. This in-salon treatment is a breakthrough professional protocol that helps neutralise metal present in our hair fiber and gently cleanses the hair. Created by expert scientists and hair artists from all over the world, Metal DX is the result of seven years of research, 102+ instrumental tests and 1000+ tests on real clients. 

How does Metal DX by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Neutralise the Metal in Hair? 

Metal DX by L’Oreal Professionnel is enriched with Glicoamine, a molecule that is tiny enough to penetrate inside the fiber of your hair and help neutralize the metal present within. The results of this protocol are impressive, with 87% less breakage risk and a color that is 100% reliable* all while leaving your hair 2X shiner. 

In-salon treatment

This innovative in-salon treatment is ideal for colour-treated hair. This pre-treatment neutralises metals in the fiber right before your color service. The formula penetrates inside the hair resulting in an even and long-lasting hair colour, and leaving your hair feeling stronger and shinier than before!

At-Home Care and Products 

After technical services, the hair fiber tends to be more porous and absorbs more metal.Therefore, it is important to continue to rid the fiber of metals and to protect them from new particles being deposited. Using the L’Oréal Professionnel Paris anti-metal cleansing cream sulfate-free shampoo and the anti-deposit protector mask at home continues to protect hair, maintaining color vibrancy and preventing hair breakage.

The shampoo has been formulated to be sulphate-free and gentle for colored, highlighted or bleached hair, all while removing metal in excess. The anti-deposit protector mask is a lightweight cream that deeply nourishes hair fiber and protects it from new particle deposits.The fragrance of the anti-metal cleansing cream shampoo and the anti-deposit protector mask has a memorable citrusy top combined with a distinctive musky wood base note, leaving your hair feeling luxe and squeaky clean. 

Click here to know more about this groundbreaking new treatment by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, and head over to the salon to give your hair a metal cleanse, stat.   

*Instrumental test: Metal DX Pre-Treatment + Technical Procedure + Shampoo + Mask