What your lipstick shade says about you

Your pout speaks volumes!

12 February, 2023
What your lipstick shade says about you

While our choice of lipstick is largely based on the outfit we wear, they do have a way of reflecting our personalities. Have you ever wondered why you only wear reds or pinks or choose to just apply a layer of gloss? It all speaks volumes about your feelings and attributes. 

Scroll to see what your favourite lipstick is saying about you! 



Whether your go-to shade is a ruby red or a beautiful brick red, it says a lot more about your personality than the unfair stereotype attached to the shade. People who choose shades of red often are passionate and creative. They enjoy being the centre of attention, are confident and bold, and have no trouble asserting themselves. Darker shades of red also connote sophistication and say that you’re a goal-oriented person. 


People who wake up and choose nude-shaded lipsticks don’t prefer being in the spotlight. However, once they open up to you, they are some of the most trustworthy friends you have. Nude shades also connote that the wearer does not have a pretentious or OTT bone in their body. They are caring and warm, but still want to be taken seriously. 



If you prefer wearing pink lipsticks you are an enthu-cutlet—Full of life, outgoing, mischievious, and bubbly. They aren’t afraid to stand out, and are unabashedly themselves. People with a light pink pout tend to have high ambition and a sense of self-worth. Pink lipstick wearers are not the kind to let anyone walk all over them.



Brown is a warm-toned and earthy colour. People who choose a brown shade as their everyday lip colour are calm, composed, and dependable. They are naturally warm people who are comfortable in their own skin. 

Lip gloss   


Glossed lips are an indication that the wearer is fuss-free and low maintenance. They know what exactly they want and go after it. They know what it means to go with the flow and they can’t live by a calendar or a schedule.