Benefit's Brow Translator Can Reveal What You're Thinking RN!

It's no BS, they've got science backing it up...




For a couple of seasons now, beauty's been all about the brows. And while they may say that your eyes are the mirrors to your soul, Benefit would contest otherwise. The world's go-to brand for everything brow-related, Benefit has partnered with facial expression analysis expert Dr Javid Sadr to come up with a fun technology that can decode your current feeling just by looking at your brows!

Do we have your attention? With the Brow Translator, Benefit has combined their expertise in this area with Dr Sadr's scientific knowledge to create an augmented-reality technology that reads emotions via your brows. From happy to angry and seductive to confident—this li'l experiment is not only fun and entertaining, it's actually backed by science, which makes it totally legit, right?

All you have to do is log on to benefitbrowtranslator.com and upload/click a picture of yourself… Then sit back and wait for the Brow Translator to tell you exactly how you're feeling. And it's scarily accurate, mind you!

So if you're a Benebabe, get on it right now. Oh, and don't forget to share your brow stories on Instagram and use the hashtag #BrowTranslator.

PS: watch out for a fun Cosmo Giveaway with Benefit Cosmetics on our Instagram tomorrow!