The Best Skincare Routine For Youthful Skin

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In these post-truth times, it seems as if every week there's a new beauty must-have.

Things have changed since I was a rookie journalist. The internet didn't exist, for one. Back then, we thought how you looked and how you'd age was written in your genes – that is, out of your control. If you expressed an interest in lipstick and face cream, it was usually assumed you didn't have much going on up top.

Fast forward to 2017, and we know you can (to a degree) cheat your genes, and that environmental factors are more important when it comes to looking youthful for longer. We also know that wearing make-up and investing in skin and haircare has no correlation with your IQ, profession or age. It's a different world as far as beauty technology and research go, too.

So I've taken stock of all I've tried, learnt and observed over the years to bring you 20 things I know for sure about looking good and ageing well...

Cleanse thoroughly, but gently.

If you're wearing make-up and sunscreen, you may want to use two different products, such as a cleansing oil and a wash-off cleanser, to be really thorough.

Try an acid peel pad, toner or serum for fresh, youthful-looking skin.

Glycolic acid is a great ingredient for exfoliating – and so brightening the skin and improving texture – as well as stimulating collagen.

Use a moisturizer or serum with retinoids.

These are vitamin A derivatives, which have long been proven to hamper collagen breakdown, tackle brown spots, thicken the skin after initial peeling and redness, and increase skin cell turnover.

Wear sunscreen daily.

Period. UV light is the biggest skin ager.