8 Incredible Hacks to Make Your Bikini Wax Less Painful

#4 is genius!




Yes it's that time of the year again, summer time. You're overjoyed at the thought of bringing out your cute summer dresses, hitting the beach, wearing that trendy new bikini, but oh wait, a slight problem... The winter months had sort of created a dense forest down there. Your pubes were out there for everyone to see, poking out from the adorable swimsuit, making it not so 'adorable'.

Yeah embarrassing thought, isn't it? That's why you rush to get a bikini/Brazilian wax as soon as winter passes. And if your boyfriend is lucky, you might even do it before a date night, if you feel that frisky. But the thought of having someone rip the hair out of your vagina, is terrifying! You avoid it for as long as humanly possible. Everything about it, sends shivers down your spine, from the wait at the salon, to the hot wax on your sensitive area, and then the final act of ripping out hair.

There's nothing that can make a bikini wax ouch-less, face it, they're literally pulling hair out of your hoo-haa, and that's got to hurt. But we've got a few tips, to make it just a little more bearable than usual. We tend to distract ourselves with our phone, or a book, but even you know how non-distracting either of those are. So why don't you try these hacks, the next time you prepare yourself for a Brazilian.

1. Pop a Painkiller 30 Minutes Before Your Appointment

Any over-the-counter pain killer would work, at the end of it, you just need something, to stop experiencing the pain and dread of a bikini wax. Or in this case, make it slightly less painful. Bonus, painkillers also have anti-inflammatory components too! Take it 30-45 before your appointment is due.

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2. Don't Get Your Hoo-Haa Waxed, Just Before Your Period is Due

Your pain threshold is at it's lowest before your period, and you're wayyy too sensitive, from about five days before, through the end of your period. Yeah PMS happens. Avoid any or all kinds of waxing during this time, if possible. In fact, getting it right after your period is safer, because a woman's pain tolerance is highest then. And don't even think about getting a Brazilian, during your period. Do we even need to tell you how that'll end up?

'When you're talking pubic areas, a little cooler is always better. What's warm on your hand is hot down there. People apply it way too hot and that can actually take some skin off,' Leyda explained. Proceed with caution.

3. Avoid Working Out or Wearing Tight Clothes Soon After

Nothing kills the buzz of a hairless, and smooth vagina, like pimples on it! Well, that's what's going to happen if you workout within 48 hours of a waxing session. Just save your summer body goals for another day.

Plus, wearing tight clothes and leggings can actually give you a sh*t tons of ingrown hair. Give it a chance to breath, it's only just emerged out of your dense forest. Wear cotton underwear, and loose pants or skirts for a while, at least you'll be comfortable.

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4. Schedule Your Appointment Between 3-5 pm

Not many know this, but your pain threshold is actually highest during these hours. Not sure how it works, but hey, if it hurts less, then why complain? Something that would make you yelp come 5:30pm, would only make you wince during 3-5pm.

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5. Take a Yoga Class Right Before a Bikini Wax

This is quite an absurd, and unheard one. But there are weirder new beauty revelations everyday, so just go with the flow. You need to be quite flexible, in order for your waxing session to go smoothly, so you know, the therapist can get into every nook and cranny. Taking a yoga class before a Brazilian, will help you get just a little more limber. It makes sense doesn't it, the process goes faster, and you won't be in pain for all that long, win win!

'If you want to go the full monty, I suggest being very flexible. Take a yoga class before a Brazilian because you'll just be more limber. The more flexible you are, the better the waxer can do,' Leyda says. If the process goes faster, you'll be in pain for less time. WIN.

6. Let The Wax Cool Down Before Putting in Anywhere Near Your Private Areas

Who's insane enough to put boiling hot wax on your privates, in the first place?! Obvious point, but you need to remember it. We aren't telling you to put cold wax on your vagina, because that would never work. But a little cooler than normal, is always better when you're dealing with sensitive areas. What's warm on your hand, is actually hot down there, you don't want to rip your skin off, do you?

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7. Skip Coffee

Did you hear that? A thousand Starbuck's lovers heart, shattering to pieces? Don't be so dramatic, it's only before your waxing session. You can still have your daily dose of coffee. The stimulants in coffee can make your skin even more sensitive. Switch to decaf, if you really crave coffee, on the day of your appointment.

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8. Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate!

Oh did we mention, exfoliate?! There are several claims that you shouldn't exfoliate after a waxing session, so we're going to tell you to exfoliate before.

It will get rid of the first layer of dead skin, that's probably trapping your hair down. It's easier to pull the hair, right from the root, and on the first try, if you allow it to come to the surface first. Use a body scrub, two days before your appointment, for a quick and smooth waxing session.

We hope these tips make your experience, a little less sufferable. Happy waxing, ladies.

Hair that's shorter an one-quarter of an inch is too short to be pulled from the root. Anything longer? You'll just be pulling at the hair without removing it from the source, which means major pain. If your esthetician doesn't mention a trim, don't be afraid to ask.