Be a Beauty Boss: Nail Technician Edition

Part two of a three part series to have a power-career in the beauty world.

Always wanted to turn that passion for beauty into a real-time career? We got 12 of the biggest in the biz to show you how to break into it. You're welcome!



The Pro: SONIA PATWAL, Nail Director, Toni&Guy

Take the time to train

"Invest in a good course—it will never fail you," says Sonia. It isn't simply about knowing how to make nails look good—of course, that is important. But there is much more involved than meets the eye—you have to keep the health and safety aspect in mind, too. Hygiene is crucial—infections can happen if you're not careful. You're taught all the essential things at a good training course; for instance, the Nail Art Academy in Mumbai."

Know your clientele

"You may be dying to experiment with stuff, but your customer is the one that matters. Always check if they are ready for a risk—otherwise, gauge what they like and try to satisfy them. There's no harm trying to get creative within that space, though. But you have to realise that you can't push your creative vision on people until they trust you."

Get noticed

"Don't expect major bucks...at least not in the beginning. You work your way up the pay scale in this field—the more well-known you get, the more you can start pushing for a higher asking price. If you want people to notice your work, experiment on your own nails—or a friend's—and share the results on Instagram and other social media platforms. If people like your nail art, they'll flock to your salon."

Know these basics like your life depends on it...

1) Nail care chemicals and tools—going wrong with them will result in a disaster, so don't cut corners here.

2) Artificial nails and nail art design—they're an exact science.

3) Acrylic, silk wraps and light-cured gels; they're not passing fads, and require research.

4) Bacteriology and the infections that come with it—prevention is always better.

Even More Advice...

Elizabeth Tapsall, Colorbar

"Patience is probably your biggest asset—whether when you're training or working. Being in a hurry in this field is pretty much catastrophic.

Kaka, Magnifique Salon"Know what your customer needs, and recommend something based on that. For instance, don't recommend a pop colour if they want something work-appropriate.

Reena Batra, Claw Nail Bar"Proficiency with tools is important—train in how to work well with brushes, 3-D nail paint, even toothpicks. The bar for good nail art is raised every day—make sure you're keeping up. n