I Used Ayurvedic And Organic Products For a Week...

...and here's what happened.




After my experiment with using men's products for a week, I was quite psyched to do my next one. I started looking for ideas that usually involved things I could give up easily.

One of the most important and time-consuming part of my day is getting ready for work. As I'm sure, most of you would agree, getting dolled up is actually the most interesting (important, motivating, and downright the best) part of the day, I wanted to give up make-up.

Part of me was happy that I'll let me skin breath and go natural this week. So I decided to explore and opt for ayurvedic and organic products for a week. And I had no idea I had so many sitting right there in my beauty cabinet.

I started wondering how folks in medieval times had this as an only option and from what we read and hear, they had longer and healthier lives. We can never know what that must be like but an attempt never hurt anyone.

So, I've comprised a glamourized version of using cosmetics that have natural ingredients. And to summarize my experience, it felt different.

Coming to terms with the fact that I cannot use chemicals for my face and body, actually made me realize how much chemical my body parts have been consuming all this time.

It was at that moment I felt like this experiment wasn't going to be easy. But, hoping that the benefits would be worth it, I proceeded.

Here are some products I chose to go with:

Product just herbs foundation

Just Herbs, Herb Enriched Skin Tint

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Price: ₹ 1025

Buy it here.

I had to know what the hype about this product was about. This product has created a buzz for being India's first crowd sourced product for a while now. The brand claims, it was made while keeping the wants of Indian skin type in mind and to help skin concerns that are pretty common here.

My skin type (sensitive and oily) actually found it easy to blend and felt weightless through the day. It blurred my imperfections better than I thought and I felt, I should wear it when I don't have plans to contour. And other casual occasions.

Soultree True Blue Kajal

Image result for 005 TRUE BLUE KAJAL

Who knew you could depend on this homegrown brand for a Kohl in a beautiful, striking blue shade. This Kajal glides easily on your upper lid and doesn't smudge throughout the day. Although, if you can make an effort to smudge it with a brush, you can end up creating a mild, smoky eye effect with it.

Price: ₹ 350

Buy it here.

Forest Essentials Scented Solid Perfume in Nargis

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When you know you can never totally give up perfumes, you make the effort to find out an Ayurvedic one. The Nargis collection by Forest Essentials is everyone's favorite and if you ever tried any product from this range, you will definitely know why. And believe me when I say this, the delicate aroma of this solid perfume can turn your stressed days around!

Soultree Aloe & Green Tea Sun Protection Cream

Image result for Soultree Aloe & Green Tea Sun Protection Cream

Price: ₹ 650

Buy it here.

Enriched with SPF 30, this sunscreen is really hydrating. Unlike most suncreens that make your arms and legs feel dry and patchy, this one leaves a smooth effect on your skin. Free from complex UV filters that lead to skin damage in the long-term, it consists of carrot seed oil that helps even the skin tone and green tea extract to reverse the harmful effects of UV rays.

Kama Ayurveda Rose Lip Balm

Image result for Kama Ayurveda Rose Lip Balm

Since I was letting my skin breath, I decided to ban lipsticks for a week and went for a lip balm instead. The natural, non-sticky formula of this rose lip balm heals chapping instantly and smells great.

Price: ₹ 595

Buy it here.

At the end of my ayurvedic and organic only products week, my skin definitely got better. My morning routine got easy and rubbing my eyes while working (without the fear of smudging my mascara) was priceless. Once in a while, I insist, you should definitely give up make up and chemicals to keep it real.