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We Quizzed 5 Guys on All Things Beauty and the Results are Hilarious!

Baking: "Smoking a fat doobie before your night-time moisturising routine."

2017 is hands down the year of crazy beauty trends. Amongst the constant flurry of new beauty hacks and methods taking over Instagram, we've completely lost track of what's what.

Okay we'll admit, we did love it when contouring and highlighting had their big moment but it didn't stop there. Now there's a million ways to highlight and contour and a million products to do it with—there's tontouring, clown touring, boob contouring, and don't even get us started on vountouring (contouring your vagina!).

And as we speak there's probably another Insta beauty 'guru' finding newer ways to plump up their lips or get eyebrows like Cara Delevigne.

So there's no doubt that the men in our lives are just as lost as we are. No wonder the 'boyfriend does my make-up' challenge on YouTube ends up being a disaster (most of the time). So we thought it's time to give them a master-class.

To get the men in our lives acquainted with the crazy world of beauty we asked them to define some of the latest beauty slang—and the results are hilarious!

Meet our 5 Guinea-pigs who just got schooled on everything beauty.

Nikunj Biyani, 25, Business Head

Aneev Rao, 31, Photographer

Rohan Bhardwaj, 30, Brand Ambassador, Grant's

Aditya Sakhuja, 23, Entrepreneur

Aaron Leong, 23, Data Analyst


What it means: It's a form of permanent make-up that partially or fully covers any missing eyebrow hair by using tiny needles that make up a small blade to help deposit pigment under your skin, leaving you with #OnFleek eyebrows all day, everyday. Image result for microblading

What they thought it means:

Nikunj- "It's when you apply make-up in intricate lines or something near the eyes."

Aneev- "When you use a tiny blade to clean the skin."

Rohan- "Is it like using micro blades for removing hair from your 'delicate parts'. A hair removal technique maybe?"

Aditya- "Using a micro-bladed razor to remove fine hair. Probably takes years of rigorous practice to perfect the technique."

Aaron-"Shaving something really small."


What it means: A longer version of the bob. A lob falls between the chin and collarbone.

Image result for lob

What they thought it means:

Nikunj- "Applying something powdery around the cheeks."

Aneev- "A product that you can use to avoid feeling like a slob."

Rohan- "That's definitely a hairstyle. Or was that a bob?"

Aditya- "Some sort of hairstyle where hair from the front is tied back, making a bouncy bubble shape on top."

Aaron- "Throw make-up on your lobbing a ball at someone."


What it means: Applying translucent powder on your face and letting it sit for five to 10 minutes. It's called baking because the heat from your face will set your base foundation and concealer. You can then dust off the rest of the powder, and voila, you're left with a creaseless, flawless finish.

Image result for baking makeup

What they thought it means:

Nikunj- "Using a hot/warm instrument to apply some make-up somewhere."

Aneev- "Smoking a fat doobie before your night-time moisturising routine."

Rohan- "Is that a term for sunbathing or topping up your tan?"

Aditya- "A technique to create the appearance of a tan where there isn't, also an attempt by women to confuse us men into thinking we're getting delicious homemade cookies tonight."

Aaron- "Using a hot brush or hot make-up."


What it means: No shampoo. Simple. It's washing your hair without using any commercial shampoo, just old-school home remedies.

What they thought it means:

Nikunj- "Leaving no marks behind after using the make-up, or easy to remove make-up."

Aneev- "It's a new hipster term for vegan products."

Rohan- "WTF! This is a joke. Definitely not a beauty term. You're winding me up with this one."

Aditya- "When women avoid pooing before going out to give some sort of natural red flush to your face? If this is a thing, it's so messed up!"

Aaron- "When your make-up looks really cool, not poo."


What it means: In simple terms, choosing not to contour. The less exaggerated version of contouring where you apply just enough make-up to leave your skin with a healthy flush.

Image result for non touring

What they thought it means:

Nikunj- "Something to avoid make-up getting spoilt and keeping it fresh."

Aneev- "Opposite of contouring."

Rohan- "Is non-touring a Cockney rhyming slang for contouring?"

Aditya- "Kinda like the no-make-up trend. If people don't want to apply make-up before they go out or make travel plans."

Aaron- "Applying make-up to just one specific spot and not your entire face."


What it means: Literally just means highlighting...everywhere!

Image result for extreme strobing

What they thought it means:

Nikunj- "Some way of styling hair."

Aneev- "Staring at flashing lights for so long that it gives you ideas for your next nail art project."

Rohan- "Must be that make-up technique which makes your cheeks shine and glitter more than the Eiffel Tower on New Year's Eve."

Aditya-"An optical illusion applied to women's faces that makes us question the reality of their existence when we first see them."

Aaron- "Using strobe light to make you look pretty."

This definitely calls for a beauty intervention!