Watch NikkieTutorials Transform Herself With These Futuristic/Artistic Make-up Looks


To be honest, I'm still a li'l scared of countouring or any other step that goes beyond my regular eyeliner, red lip, and blush routine. So, these artistic videos, where the the make-up artists transform themselves into a fictional character, or just play with make-up (like I still cannot), I find 'em very, very adventurous. The queen of make-up wizardry, NikkieTutorials has a knack for making this process super simple, so that even a noob like me feels confident enough to recreate it. 

So, my agenda for the weekend is get mesmerised watching her ah-mazing videos and to try and pick up li'l tricks that I can use for every day make-up.

If you too have similar plans for the weekend, here, take a look: