These Five Products That Will Give You The Perfect Brows!





Forget power dressing, big brows has been the new game in town! Runway trends, celebs all over the world are proving bold brows as a major trend. But, if you are struggling with some over-tweezing past, then take a b(r)ow to these products below and get your eyebrow game on!

1. POWDER Brow powders are usually available in shades of brown and black. They work great to fill in or add shape to sparse brows. (Try L'Oréal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit, INR 895)

2. WAX Brow wax helps to hold the product in place, it works great as an under-support for faking some big brows. Make sure you blend the wax before applying any brow product. (Try NYX Eyebrow Shaper wax pencil, amazon.in, INR 1,317)

3. GEL Brow gel helps to set unruly hair, just like a hair spray! (Try M.A.C Brow Set, INR 1,300)

4. MASCARA Sweep the brow mascara in upward motion to instantly groom your brows. The colour helps to adds fullness to your eyebrows. (Try Bobbi Brown Brow Shaper, INR 1,540)

5. PENCIL Use brow pencils to extend the brow tails and sharpening arches. (Try Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper, INR 245)

The right colour can make all the difference! Pick a colour that is two shades lighter than your eyebrows, as dark shades can make your brows look too harsh. Shades of dark brown and grey work great for black eyebrows!