These Celebrities Love Wearing Wigs!

... and they're no longer reserved for Halloween




From runway spotting to Miley Cyrus's wig-seflies, it's all about wigs right now! Wonder why everyone's wearing a wig right now? Uh, cuz it's easier than a full-blown dye job...duh! And wigs can totally replace your post-dye horrors. Whether you want bangs or colour change, wigs let you be someone else for the night. 

And when it comes to our favourite celebrities, everyone is getting their wig on.

The Arora Sisters: Amrita Arora and Malaika Arora Khan wig out some funky colours.

Remember Priyanka Chopra's red hair in Love Story 2050 and Kareena Kapoor's blonde hair in Tashan? Well, it's a wig, people!

Kangana Ranaut donned a bob wig for Gavin Miguel's show. PS: we love the crimping details.

PC tried an Afro. 

Miley Cyrus clearly knows how to wig out rainbow hair!

Kylie Jenner wears a coloured wig and you can't even tell.

So, are you ready to sport a wig this season?

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