"5 Eyeliner Pens I've Used and Loved" by Cosmo Editor @nandinibhalla

Cosmo Editor recommended liners for the perfect wing, flick, or cat-eye!




​I was a late entrant into the world of eyeliners. At first, I didn't understand the hype. Even though my mother never left home without a carefully drawn flick, I didn't really think it was a critical makeup step (I know, crazy right?!) 

And then, at 22, I was introduced to the magic of lined eyes at my first photo-shoot. Suddenly, my eyes looked bigger, intense, and my face seemed more defined. I was in love, but thanks to years of inexperience, I just couldn't replicate the look at home. And so began my search for the perfect liner...one that performed and was also easy to use. 

I found pen liners did both, and so I tested over 30 to arrive at this list of 5 Best Liners (yet)...

1. Maybelline The Colossal Liner, Rs 425

The nib on this pen is skinny. I'm talking 0.4mm, which is, like,super-fine! But that doesn't stop it from being incredibly easy to use, even in the hands of a terrible applier like myself. The resultis a super-sharp, dark, glossy line. Bonus: the thin tip, which also happens to be flexible, means drawing on one of those precise, retroflicks is no trouble at all.

2. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner, Rs 1300

This baby does what it says! The colour pay-off is intense--a gorgeous, inky black--which stays on even after you rub your eyes.Personally, I love the shiny finish! Just one word of caution: this isa quick-drying formula, so you only have about 15 seconds to fix any smudges.

3. L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster, Rs 425

You know those marker pens you use at work/college? That's exactlywhat this eyeliner is like. The nib is fat and sturdy, and dispenses a deep, black, matte colour. What I like best about it though is that the angled nib let's you play with shapes--use normally for a thin(ish) line, or angle the pen just a little to create a thick,professional looking wing.

Bonus: the colour lasts really, really long(but can smudge when wet, so let it dry before blinking).

4. Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner, Rs 425

​This 'medium sized' liner is perfect for beginners, because it sits easily in the hand, and offers perfect grip and a no-drag, foam-tipped application. This is what I reach for every morning (or whenever I'min a rush), because a perfect wing is almost guaranteed. 

My only gripe? The ink wears off after a few hours, but a quick do-over solves that.

5. Benefit They're Real Push Up Eyeliner, Rs 775

I'm already a fan of their mascara by the same name, so when Benefit launched this liner, I was excited about all the hype surrounding it.Luckily, Push Up lived up to most of it. This gel liner literally hugs the lash-line, making for very precise flicks. Plus, once it sets, the deep, glossy colour won't budge. Admittedly, it took me a few trials to get used to it—you need to hold the lid taut to avoid any pulling by the rubber tip, and I've also discovered you need a bit of practice before those lines get perfect. But once you know what to do, you'll amaze yourself with the kind of feline flicks you never knew you could create.