Choco Chip Cookie Hair is the Latest Colour Trend

Prepare to crave this sweet new look.




​We thought hair trends this year couldn't get any more droolswoonworthy (think macaron hair), but this new food-related trend – chocolate chip cookie hair – is a real feast for the eyes. And it's kind of like bronde, only WAY yummier. 

Thought up by Ryan Pearl, Hairstylist at Cutler Salon in NYC, the chocolate chip cookie hair hue is essentially a new way to look at highlights and lowlights, and how blonde and brunette tones seamlessly melt together throughout your lengths.


"I often use food terms as a way to paint a picture and make it much easier for a client to understand what I've done," Ryan explained to Mane Addicts. "For instance, these tones I may call 'chocolate chip cookie' because it's a much ​​more interesting, fun, and relatable way to name a color than simply referring to it as 'warm or cold.'"

If you're considering giving it a go, you'll need to check your hair's base colour first, as it works best on hair that's mainly dark blonde or brown.

The overall effect is then created by painting "ribbon-like" pieces of hair around the face and all the way around the head, staggering the height of where you start each highlight or lowlight.

The best news? It's super low maintenance.

"When the color begins to grow out it will still look polished," he said.

We're seriously hungry to try this trend.


Photography: Fernando Milani @fernandomilaniphoto.

​This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com.au