10 Things Only Girls Who Love Wearing Red Lipstick Will Understand

and the beauty struggles of this shade!




#1 ​You're constantly trying shades to find the best and only red for you!

#2 And you still don't know if you're a blue toned girl or yellow undertone. Are you still Youtubing the hacks?

#3 You avoid messy food, so you don't smudge your lipstick.

#4 You always carry your lip liner, compact and lip brush to master the killer pout.

#5 The only thing you need to turn hot in a second is the red lippie.

#6 No one understands how happy you are when you finally find your perfect shade (even after owning 15 red lipsticks).

#7 You pout right after swiping the lipstick!

#8 You get really sad when your favourite shade is out of stock :(

#9 You're always worried about staining your teeth, that's when you ask your BAE, "Hey, do I have lipstick on my teeth?"

#10 All you need is the red lipstick and you can conquer the world!