Yes, You Can Use Expired Beauty Products...Here's How

Think before you trash them!

​It's surely a heart wrenching moment when your favourite brand's lipstick starts to change its texture or the kohl's tip starts to turn white. Don't fret! You can use these expired makeup products in *a good way*

Here are few hacks you NEED to read before tossing your makeup products:

Mascara: Using expired mascara is a big NO, but you can totally make use of the fancy spoolie! Use it for exfoliating the lips or taming those unruly brows!

Eye ShadowYou know it's time for your favourite eye shadow to go off the shelves when it's flaky and dry. But wait, your eyelid's loss can be your nail polish gain! Mix the shadow pigments with a clear polish for a new polish love!​:

Lip Balm: Old expired lip balms can work magic for making shoes shiny! Just apply the balm on the shoes and wipe it off for extra sparkle. You can even use this beauty balm to fix a stuck zipper.​

Skin Toners: Most toners have alcohol as their main ingredient. You can use the expired toner for cleaning glass, mirrors or even your mobile screen!​

Face Oils: Expired skincare products can cause a lot of damage on the skin. But you can make your own scrub with this oil, just mix it with some sugar and get ready to exfoliate!