7 Fabulous Ways To Wear Your Hair This Weekend!

Party hard WITHOUT letting your hair down.




#1. The half-up, half-down do

Make a side part and secure both sides with bob pins. Incorporate a tiny braid on one side for extra polish.

#2. The side ponytail

Perfect for second-day hair, create a deep side part, then secure hair into a side pony. Twist and wrap one section around the rubber band.

#3. The braided bun

Make a ponytail and take it through a bun maker/hair doughnut. Create small braids through the length of the pony, and turn and wrap around the bun. Secure with pins.

#4. The fishtail braid

Got time? Visit cosmo.in and search for 'fishtail' for a step-by-step process. But a secret trick stylists implement is to use a clip-in fishtail braid!

#5. The milkmaid braid

Part hair down the middle and make two side braids. Join the two braids together at the nape to make a pony. Use a section of hair to cover the elastic.

#6. The multi braid

Make a side part and take a two-inch section on one side to make a braid. Take this braided section and weave it through the rest of your hair.

#7. The quiff pony

Tease the front section of hair using a tailcomb, and secure using pins. Tie the rest of the hair into a pony and smoothen the sides with hairspray.

Photographer: Sarang Sena; Styled by: Tanima Khosla; Hair: Harry Rajput; Make-Up: Lubna Jamlaney