This Hair Colour Trick Can Change Your Look Completely!

Hello, fabulous!




​Want to brighten your complexion or make your eyes pop? A simple switch in your hair colour can achieve that! Nikhil Sharma, Sebastian Design Artist at Affinity Salon gave two Cosmo readers a hair-over, using Wella Professionals products. This subtle change gave them a whole new look!


If your hair is dark brown: 

Try caramel highlights. 

Ask your hair colour technician to incorporate shades of caramel, not much lighter than your natural colour, into your hair—it looks a lot more subtle than red or orange. To keep the look even more natural, start the highlights a little off the scalp so that they blend easily. The trick is to use two or three different shades to create a more realisticl and vibrant effect.


If your hair is  light brown: 

Try ash-blonde highlights

Ask your hair colour technician to incorporate more blonde or reddish copper highlights throughout the hair, specifically in the lower half, but don't go more than one to two shades lighter than your original colour. Look at placing lighter pieces towards the back, and darker pieces towards the front of your hair.