Treatments to make hands look younger: Is There Such a Thing as a Hand Lift?

We look at the options for ageing hands

We've all heard of a face lift, but if it's the ageing of your hands that bothers you, what can you do?

Well, sun protection plus regular moisturisation with a concentrated hand cream will certainly help, but if it's a more serious transformation you're after, there are some options.

While there is no surgery specifically designed for the hands, many cosmetic doctors offer impressive non-surgical treatments. Tackling age spots with lasers or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) will give your hands a significant youth boost, often in just a couple of sessions.  

If it's prominent veins and boniness that bother you, fillers can be injected into your hands to create a plumped up effect. Dr Amanda Wong Powell of Courthouse Clinics has them in her left hand to demonstrate to patients what a difference well-placed fillers can make.

Add a course of platelet rich plasma (PRP) needling to fillers and Dr Stefanie Williams of European Dermatology London says you can take 10 years off the look of your hands.  Medical needling causes tiny punctures in the skin, stimulating collagen as a wound-healing response, while PRP uses platelet plasma from your own blood, which is then applied or injected to your skin.