Here's How Anushka Sharma Hid Her Pregnancy on Social Media

OMG, now we know...

On 27th August, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli took to Instagram to announce their pregnancy. Expectedly, the news spread like wildfire, inviting a dozen good-wishes and blessings from fans and co-stars alike.  


The caption reads, "And then, we were three! Arriving Jan 2021."

Yes, we were all stoked...Now if you know your math fairly well, you'd be able to correctly count back to how long before the public announcement were the couple aware about the 'good news'. Hmm...eureka!

Well, we can certainly commend them for keeping it top secret for SO many months. But how? It's time to spill the beans and decode the celeb's Instagram feed...

If you turn back a few months and closely track Anushka's Instagram feed, you'd notice a pattern of #throwback photographs, loose-fitted clothes, and an unmistakable, conscious attempt to conceal the midriff. 


Anushka shared a bunch of #throwback photographs, such as this one with her older brother. Baby Anushka...a hint, maybe?



One can't go wrong with black....ever. (Plus the GLOW!)




A button down breezy dress is the perfect way to hide the bump!



High-waist athleisure...why didn't we wonder before? Although, can you spot that cute little bump-belly? 



Spending time with nature is the perfect soother (And clicking pictures amidst the greenery is super smart!)



If you swipe to the last photo in the series, you'd notice Anushka covering her belly.



#VacationThrowback serves as the ideal cover to keep the Insta content going, without revealing far too much. 



You'd think a video would give it away, but no. A black spaghetti top with high-waist denims did the trick! 



And right before the big reveal, the final #throwback photograph.