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Ariana Grande just resurrected this classic primary school hair accessory

She poses alongside Michelle Yeoh for her very first paparazzi snap since dyeing her hair blonde.

When someone needs a makeover, I simply have to take over! I know, I know exactly what they need... And even in your case, though it's the toughest case I've yet to face, don't worry, I'm determined to succeed! Follow my lead. And yes indeed, you will be: Popular!

OK, Wicked ballad aside (I promise, it is relevant and I didn't just use this association to break out into song...), Ariana Grande's latest hair look, which is very reminiscent of our primary school days, will have you wanting a full-blown makeover.

Taking to Michelle Yeoh's Oscar celebrations party just yesterday, accompanied by her co-star, Cynthia Erivo (it's all making sense now, ey), Grande wore her classic snatched ponytail updo but with a twist. Taking it to the next levelor should I say a few years backthe singer-meets-actor accessorised with a few nostalgic snap hair clips. After all, these tiny barrettes were the in-thing (or should a say, the 'popular' thing...) circa 2004.

To share a snap of her look, the star took to her Instagram Stories with two super cute pics:

Ariana GrandeAriana Grande

Peep the three clips used to secure her side fringe.

And not only that, but Grande also posed alongside Yeoh for her very first paparazzi snap since dyeing her hair blonde. And yes, she did bleach her locks a while back, so, this shot is a long time coming.