As Canadian PM Justin Trudeau arrives in Delhi for G20 Summit, let’s talk about why he is so crush-worthy

It’s not just about his good looks, good looks, and good looks! 

09 September, 2023
 As Canadian PM Justin Trudeau arrives in Delhi for G20 Summit, let’s talk about why he is so crush-worthy

Ahead of the G20 Summit, many world leaders arrived in Delhi, India including US President Joe Biden, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and more. It was an eventful Friday, as the nation waited with open arms and anticipation for the foreign dignitaries to arrive in India. 

Trudeau, who arrived with his son Xavier is one of the world leaders who is admired by many, and with almost 1.5 million Indians currently living in Canada, he becomes a crucial dignitary for India. “As the world’s largest democracy, India is—and will continue to be—a key partner for Canada in the promotion of our shared values of democracy, pluralism, and progress. We are committed to building on this rich history of collaboration, including under India’s presidency of the G20 this year,” Trudeau said in a statement, as reported by ANI.

Justin Trudeau

While we appreciate that, can I please take a moment to say what many people feel—Justin Trudeau is crush-material and how! Let me explain. 
When we are not drooling over his ‘good looks, good looks and good looks’, we are gushing over the fact that he is a feminist icon and basically holds many qualities we’d want in a man. Look at how handsome he looked when he arrived in Delhi, in his tailored blue suit, side-swept hair and wearing his humble attitude. Sorry, we were supposed to be talking about his qualities—it’s hard to not get distracted by that appearance! 

Justin Trudeau

In an interview, he proudly claimed to be a feminist and went on to explain how feminism is all about equality. He added that a lot more work needs to be done to get there. To all the people who think feminism is about man-hating and whatnot, learn from Trudeau here! What’s more endearing is that, he is not just talking about feminism but his actions support his words.

In 2015, for the first time in Canada’s history, it became a mandate to have 50 per cent of men and an equal number of women in the cabinet, thanks to Trudeau. He also made changes to tackle the gender-based pay gap and to ensure there is more female representation on boards. 

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau has also said in an interview that he wants to raise his children—a daughter and two sons—to be feminists. He credits his mother and wife for shaping his outlook regarding gender and we are just really happy for all of them! 

Ask any woman and she will say she wants these qualities in a man. He should be someone who understands gender, is open to learning and growing, and would raise children (if any) to be progressive individuals! 

What's more, he is also definitely one of the fittest and most athletic world leaders. He is known to enjoy yoga, skiing, snowboarding, and kayaking. 
Trudeau definitely has our hearts!