Here's why celebrities thanking their partners in their award acceptance speech is so romantic

We can't help it, we're swooning!

11 March, 2024
Here's why celebrities thanking their partners in their award acceptance speech is so romantic

Every award show has something exciting to look forward to, from the show-stopping red carpet looks to the electrifying performances and, of course, the anticipated list of winners. But amidst the glitz and glam, it's the celebrities thanking their partners in their acceptance speeches that tug at our heartstrings! This seemingly simple gesture often has us reaching for the tissues. And here's why. 

It’s all about partnership

At the end of the day, winning an award isn't just about winning the trophy; it’s also about the person who supported them throughout their journey. And thanking them in their acceptance speech is a way of acknowledging this shared journey. It's a beautiful reminder that success is sweeter when celebrated with the one you love. At the Oscars 2024, Cillian Murphy's heartwarming speech, when he received the Best Actor award, included a declaration of his love for his wife and sons. We simp for such moments! 


We all need that support system

If you think about it, we all need someone with whom we can celebrate our wins, both big and small. It could be a new job, a presentation at work, or even something as simple as mastering a tricky recipe; being able to share with someone who's a constant cheerleader in our lives, is what makes the moment so special. Even for someone like Vicky Kaushal. The actor didn't shy away from thanking his wife, Katrina Kaif during his 2022 IIFA Award speech. This is proof even the most accomplished individuals need a cheerleader with whom they can celebrate their victories. 


It fills us with hope for our own relationships

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are a prime example of cute couple moments at award ceremonies. When Reynolds was being honoured at the American Cinematheque Awards 2022, Blake delivered a heartwarming speech. “Now I am his home, and his girls are his home, and just like that 19-year-old boy he races home—whether it’s from across the globe or a meeting across the street, he is hardwired to get home,” she added.

Reynolds then went on to give his acceptance speech where he mentioned his wife to be his ‘favourite collaborator’. “Most importantly I get to spend my days working with my favourite collaborator of all, my wife Blake. You are the greatest ghostwriter in Hollywood history, you have literally authored me into this moment,” he said.

Watching these adorable moments inspires us to build strong partnerships that not only support our dreams but also add a dash of humour to the journey. We can't help but hope to find a partner who not only supports our dreams but also inspires us to be better versions of ourselves, just as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds seem to do for each other.

It provides reassurance 

When a celebrity thanks their partner, it can be a subtle act of reassurance, a reminder that they're loved and appreciated for who they truly are. It's a sweet gesture that can strengthen a relationship and showcase love on a grander scale.

Alia Bhatt's acceptance speech at the 2019 Filmfare Awards is a great example. While acknowledging her win for Best Actress for Raazi, Bhatt thanked her team, her family members, and her friends. Her voice cracked with emotion as went on to thank her special one, Ranbir Kapoor. “Thank you for making my heart smile and my eyes shine. I love you,” she said. 

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