5 times Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma gave us a glimpse into their life as parents

Big big congratulations to this couple as they have been blessed with a baby boy.

21 February, 2024
5 times Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma gave us a glimpse into their life as parents

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are embracing parenthood for the second time! The duo announced the arrival of their baby boy, Akaay, on February 20, 2024, via a post on Instagram.

During Anushka Sharma’s first pregnancy, the couple had officially announced the news on Instagram. Remember that picture of the actress holding her baby bump and Virat standing behind her? Ever since that moment, we all knew they were going to be major parenting goals!

Anyway, this time the duo decided to keep their pregnancy as private as possible. Well, good for them!

After hearing that the couple has been blessed with a baby boy, we couldn’t help but look back at certain moments where the duo has just proved that they were meant to be parents!

(Of course, parenting is extremely difficult, and each parent has their own set of struggles, but hey, apart from Virushka, who could be the best inspiration for all the new parents out there!)

Vamika’s half-birthday post


Virat and Anushka have been extremely private with their first child, Vamika! They have specifically requested the Paparazzi to not click their baby’s pictures. Pretty understandable, right? But little do they shy away from posting with her on Instagram. Despite sharing their adorable parent-baby moments on Instagram, they make sure that Vamika’s face isn’t visible (for obvious privacy reasons).

On Vamika’s half-birthday, the actress posted a few adorable pictures of the trio wishing her dearest daughter, with the caption, “Her one smile can change our whole world around! I hope we can both live up to the love with which you look at us.”

*We’re not crying, you are*

Father-daughter playtime


The actress posted a precious picture of the cricketer and their daughter Vamika looking at each other while playing and smiling! If this cuteness wasn’t enough to give you baby fever, wait to hear us out! The caption of her post said, “My whole heart in one frame *heart emoji, and teary-eyed emoji*.”

Man, aren't they the sweetest?

Mother’s Day wish


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The cricketer took to Instagram to wish his wife and his mother on Mother’s Day. He posted a silhouette picture of his wife, holding their little daughter in her arms. The heartwarming gesture of celebrating both his wife and mother on Mother's Day highlights Virat’s respect for Anushka not just as his wife but also as a mother!

*Not Virat setting high standards for every husband ever!*

Anushka’s adorable selfie with Vamika


On Ashtami, Anushka posted a little something for her daughter with the caption, “Making me braver and more courageous every day. May you always find the strength of the goddess in you, my little Vamika.”

Moms and daughters indeed share a special connection. Mothers inspire their daughters to be brave, strong, and chase their dreams. And vice versa too!

This special bond between Anushka and her daughter is worth cherishing and is an inspiration for every mother-to-be!

Family beach moments


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Kohli shared a picture of the then family of three walking while on the beach holding hands. His caption translates to “God, you blessed us so abundantly that I don’t have any other desires. I just want to thank you.” Isn’t that the most wholesome thing you’ve heard?

Raising a child is a beautiful and extremely personal journey, filled with unique challenges and moments of pure joy. Every parent chooses to walk on different paths, and it's important to celebrate the love, dedication, and effort that go into raising the next generation. May we all find inspiration in the stories of people around us and create our own meaningful connections built on love, understanding, and support!