Kiara Advani discusses the stereotypes associated with career post-marriage

The actor, who signed two of her biggest projects post-marriage, talks about the prevalent notions regarding marriage and a successful career.

27 February, 2024
Kiara Advani discusses the stereotypes associated with career post-marriage

Kiara Advani, who tied the knot with her co-star Siddharth Malhotra in 2023, addressed the prevailing stereotypes in Bollywood regarding actresses who choose to get married early on in their careers. This bold move sparked a conversation about the evolving landscape of the Bollywood industry and the power of challenging outdated beliefs. Her words resonate not only with her personal journey but also with a larger movement towards gender equality in the industry. Here's what she had to say regarding the persistent stereotype in Bollywood that casts a shadow over the careers of actresses who choose to marry early on.


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Perceptions have evolved

While speaking to the media, Kiara Advani acknowledged the outdated notions associated with an actor’s marital status, emphasising a positive shift in the audience’s perception. “The audience today has evolved, so whether an actor is married or not is immaterial”, she added. This shift is evident in Advani’s experience, who spoke about landing two of her biggest projects post-marriage—Don 3, alongside Ranveer Singh, and Game Changer. This success story is a testament to her talent and the evolving landscape of the industry, where one's marital status no longer dictates their career trajectory.

Advani went on to commend the audience for their evolving perspective. “(People used to say) Why is she (a female actor) getting married? She’s just reaching that phase and all of that. But kudos to the audience because I think they have evolved. We keep saying to the directors, producers, actors, or female actors who’ve taken on that, but kudos to the audience because they see you as a character.”

Her ability to balance her personal and professional life


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Advani emphasised her ability to balance personal and professional commitments. She added, “So whether I’m married, whether I’m a mother, whether I’m someone’s daughter, whatever that is, that’s immaterial in that moment…I believe I am good at balancing my personal and professional lives. So if I want to do something, I will go for it, and then, because I manage everything else, I never thought about my career unless I knew I would do what I said.”

Her ability to balance her personal and professional life is truly inspiring for everyone. She reminds us that societal labels and outdated stereotypes hold no power over our potential for success. Whether you’re married, a parent, a child, or simply an individual chasing your dreams, these aspects do not define your capabilities.

She talks about actors who've shattered these stereotypes

Advani talks about some of the top actors who've managed to break stereotypes paving the way for positive change. “And I think, of course, we have so many actresses. I think all the top actresses today are all married. So that speaks volumes in itself and that’s a positive change…” she said.

Advani’s experience and perspective resonate with a larger trend in Bollywood. Top actors today, including Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and Alia Bhatt, are all happily married and continue to deliver phenomenal performances, which shatters the outdated stereotype that marriage hampers an actress’ career potential.

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