COSMO EXCLUSIVE: Deepika Padukone Shares Her Success and Beauty Secrets





Cosmo caught up with the fierce and fabulous Deepika Padukone to talk about success, attention and looking this good!

Cosmo: There's little doubt...you're one of the hottest women around! How do you deal with all the attention?

Deepika Padukone: "Honestly, I don't think there is anything to deal with. I think appreciation in any form is always good, and I don't really find myself thinking about or being aware of any attention. Sure, it's nice when people appreciate you in whatever capacity, but I'm that person who always gets very awkward with compliments."

C: We think you're on top of your game right now. What do you think it is that makes Deepika Padukone so successful?

DP: "To be completely truthful, I think it's the work I do that makes me successful. It's my commitment to my work, and the fact that I am extremely passionate about what I do. These are more emotional factors than tangible things that I could point to, and that's what makes me the person I am; not my physical appearance."

C: Talking about work, is acting something that comes to you naturally or do you feel the need to prepare and work hard on it?

DP: "I think a bit of both! I research my roles and understand the script and discuss any issues I have with my director, but I don't rehearse my performance...that's something I simply can't do."

C: Be honest, do you wake up each morning looking this fabulous?

DP: "I don't really know if I look that fabulous! The last thing I'd do is wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror. But I know that I feel great if I've slept enough. That is what gives me the energy to carry on through the day. Otherwise, I rarely look at myself in the mirror!"

C: What is your number-one body confidence tip?

DP: "You have to feel beautiful and confident about yourself! And I'm not talking about size. I think you can be beautiful no matter how big or thin or heavy you are, but the energy you carry yourself with is the biggest trick to being confident in your own skin!"

C: So what are you doing with Vogue Eyewear? Tell us more about their new campaign.

DP: "I'm excited to be the face of Vogue Eyewear in India! I truly believe that a great pair of sunglasses instantly adds edge to whatever you're wearing. The new collection reflects different shades of one's personality, and I love playing with colours and experimenting with my look, which is why I like so many different pieces."