Passenger On Delta Flight Calls Cops On Mykki Blanco for Sitting Next to Him

The artist says 'it's the most bizarre form of homophobia I have ever encountered'




The revolutionary rapper, artist and activist Mykki Blanco was peacefully asleep on a Delta flight from Toronto to Detroit. But he was soon rudely awakened and subjected to an investigation by the police and the threat of an FBI report being filed. Strange, right?

Mykki Blanco recently Tweeted about this incident where a passenger sitting next to him was uncomfortable sitting beside him, and called the police.

"He said that he was not comfortable and did not know how Delta allowed 'someone like me' to board the plane with him and sit next to him," Blanco Tweeted. He claimed that officers said an FBI report would be made about the 'interaction', and he was threatened with jail if he kept asking questions.

Also later the the artist Tweeted "If the story I shared earlier involving my flight from Toronto to Detroit seems vague it's because it is". Supporters, fans and fellow musicians have tweeted and expressed anger and concern to the airline over the incident. Though it's not the first time Delta that passengers have be harassed or experienced racism.

Below are Blanco's Tweets explaining what exactly happned:

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One of his latest video for @dazed (as an example of his work)

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6DgawQdSlQ[/youtube]