Shahid Kapoor Talks About Holding Baby Misha For The First Time

This is so cute!




Shahid Kapoor, the chocolate boy of Bollywood just can't stop gushing over his daughter, Misha Kapoor, ever since he became a dad on 27 August last year. And we are so in love with this daddy-daughter duo!

Recently, he blessed us all with this effing cute interview with Filmfare where he explained how it was to hold the little one for the very first time.

He said he was both "ecstatic and scared" and he felt vulnerable holding a little baby girl in his hands.

"I didn't want anything to go wrong with her ever. I guess, being a man I always thought of as a man. But holding a baby girl gave me a new perspective. It changes everything," he added.

When asked if he was a hands-on father, he said that he took a six-month paternity leave to spend time with Misha and he didn't want to miss out on the whole parenting experience.

"I change her diapers, I give her bottle feeds. I fed her first solids. I enjoy hanging with her when she moves in the walker."

"I like looking at her when she rolls around. In fact I mimic her funny sounds rather than teach her words. So that she feels we're sharing a conversation," said the Rangoon actor.

Awww! Give him the Best Dad trophy already!