17 Times Kareena Kapoor's Expressions Proves She's All of Us

#13 is so us!

Kareena Kapoor is our spirit animal in soo many ways! We've comprised a list of all the times that Bebo was basically all of us.

1. When he asks us if he can go on an all-boys night-out:

2. When you spot a cute guy at the bar:

3. When your mum walks in your room when you're Skyping your boo:

4. When your flirting game is on point:

5. When you're pretending to be sympathetic but you actually don't give a f*ck:

6. When you don't want to be caught dead in last year's outfit:

7. When you're trying really hard to stay awake on a Monday:

8. When you've perfected your winged-eyeliner:

9. When you see your crush with another girl:

10. When someone compliments you:

11. When you hear a juicy piece of gossip:

12. When someone gives you too much sass:

13. When your frenemy comes back from a holiday in the States:

14. When you can't get the perfect selfie:

15. When you're on your period but then someone gives you an ice-cream:

16. When someone reminds you that you're on a diet:

17. When you just want to embrace the Queen that you are: