10 Phases of Going on a Diet as Told by Bollywood Celebs

The struggle is real guys...



The word 'diet' makes us want to crawl into a little ball and cry ourselves to sleep. Do you find yourself starting a diet only to end it by the second day? Then yes we've been there too.

So here are 10 emotional stages that we all go through when starting a diet, explained by our favourite Bollywood celebs.

Phase 1: When you realise that you need to go on a diet.

Phase 2: When you realise what 'diet' food consists of.

Phase 3: The first day of your diet.

Phase 4: When people ask you how your diet is going and you put on a brave face but inside you're like:

Phase 5: When someone offers you pizza.

Phase 6: When you want to eat just one piece of chocolate.

Phase 7: When you just can't take it anymore.

Phase 8: So you cave in and eat a cheat meal.

Phase 9: When you realised what you've done.

Phase 10: When you finally come to terms with your body.