6 Craziest Things Fans Have Done For Bollywood Celebs

#4 is absolutely crazayyy!




1. A Kareena Kapoor fan gifted her a diamond set.

Who wouldn't want a fan like that! This obsessive fan wrote several letters to the actress, but when they went unanswered, the fan gifted her a diamond necklace worth Rs. 40 lakh.

2. A Priyanka Chopra fan painted a 5-foot tall painting of her.

This is quite cute actually. Fashion designer, Sourabh Kant Shrivastava surprised Pee Cee by hand painting a portrait of her. And the actress was so impressed that she met him in person. At least all his hard work paid off after all.

3. A Salman Khan fan went on a hunger strike to meet him

Maulik Babubhai Sheeshangiya, took fandom to a whole new level by going on a hunger strike outside the sets of Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo in Rajkot. Just because he wanted a picture with Salman. That's dedication.

4. An Aishwarya Rai fan went into depression when she got married.

Sri Lanka based fan, Niroshan Devapriya was so affected by the wedding that he was actually diagnosed with clinical depression! But that's not the only crazy thing, he even wanted to sue Aishwarya for causing him so much mental stress. This is so messed up.

5. A Deepika Padukone fan created a website for her.

He must have had wayyy too much time on his hands. Mohit Jain gifted a website to Deepika, filled with every single information about her family, her career, you name it. The website also has rare childhood pictures of the star.

6. An Amitabh Bachan fan sent him a truckload of samosas!

Diamonds, although ridiculous, is still understandable, but why samosas?! Well some people consider Big B to be 'god' and this samosa vendor drove to Amitabh's house to seek his blessing and distribute them to his fans as 'prasad'. Well, we applaud him for his effort.

7. A Kangana Ranaut fan sent her passionate love letters, claiming she was his girlfriend.

This is so creepy! Apparently, the smitten fan thought that he and Kangana were in a passionate relationship and sent her letters and text messages to confess his love. We'd like to hear his definition of a 'relationship'.