I Was Told to Change Everything About My Looks: Priyanka Chopra

Pee Cee talks about facing hard time rising to stardom in the film industry.




Priyanka Chopra has been slaying everywhere she goes. Bollywood loves her and now, so does Hollywood. But it wasn't always so easy for Pee Cee, she's had critiques body shame and beauty shame her into thinking she wasn't good enough for the film industry. But looking at her now, we can safely say, f*ck the haters!

A while ago, Priyanka was on the American talk show The View as a co-host. And she clapped back against a producer, who thought that everything was wrong with her, and that her looks would come in the way of her achieving stardom.

Yeah, you tell them Pee Cee. ?

Watch her full interview here:

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