7 Times Bollywood Celebs Had the Best Comebacks

It's so cute how Ranbir Kapoor used to defend Deepika Padukone.

1. When Anushka Sharma was slyly asked about Virat Kohli.

Reporter- You are often found cheering the players on, at cricket stadiums, so do you like cricket? The thing is, you're a celebrity and people want to know.

Anushka- "Look, it's my personal life. Where I go is my personal life. I don't tell people to look at me, or take pictures of me, that I'm going there. I go, because I want to go. I don't care if people take pictures of me while I'm there, or not. So I'm not liable to you, or anybody else, to answer these questions. Because it's not related to my work."

Obviously the reply wasn't good enough for the journalist, who again asked:

"Do you talk to any players to wish them before a big match, to encourage them? Have you spoken to any of them lately to wish them for the World cup?"

Anushka- "Like I said, this topic is not related to my film. And it's a very personal question, that who did you call yesterday? Show me your call list to see who all you called or didn't call. So it's very personal...Nobody really wants to know this, quite honestly."


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2. When Priyanka Chopra was probed about the rumours with Shah Rukh Khan.

Reporter- "Don't you think if you and Shah Rukh hosted this show (referring to the Filmfare awards), then there would be more fun and romance and we would have fun watching it?"

Priyanka kept it short and simple and said, "I can do this with anyone, it's my job."

But the journalist probed her even more, saying, "You said before you got late today because of your shoot, but before this Shah Rukh used to come even later."

Priyanka quickly interrupted and cut down the bullsh*t by saying, "You want me to take his name? You want me to answer and you want that there's some drama, and I won't let that happen. Keep asking, and I'll keep laughing."


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3. When Ranbir Kapoor stood up for his then girlfriend, Deepika Padukone.

A reporter asked Deepika if she would be ready to sport another tattoo to promote her film, Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani; Referring to her 'RK' tattoo that she got inked after Bachna Ae Haseeno.

The protective Ranbir stepped in and quickly retorted, "I think this is an amazingly shameful question. Deepika didn't get a tattoo for a 'promotion'. It's really silly... I don't think that any actor in the film fraternity, do things for the promotion of marketing a film. Even we have a life, a personal life, doing films is a job for us. We do a lot for these films, but when we go home, we have our own personal life. We have our parents, our family, our friends. So I think you should respect that."

Aww, isn't that adorable?

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4. When Parineeti Chopra was asked about sex.

A reported made a ridiculous comment about sex, along the lines of, 'girls liking 'it' when they're young but when they're older they scream and shout at us.'

What does that even mean? Clearly, Parineeti didn't understand either.

The quirky actor replied, "I want to know what is this. We are forcing you to be with us? I'm sorry that you're so tortured... How can you blame us, that girls like it when they're young and they scream. I think that's ridiculous, I think that's very disrespectful to say to a girl. I think, if there is sex, or a kiss or a hug, there are two people there, and not just the girl... There is just one thing as bodily exploitation and that is Rape. Understand?"

Well said, Parineeti. ?


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5. When Parineeti Chopra was asked about periods.

Lol, what?!

Basically, a journalist didn't know anything about periods, he called them a 'problem', and Parineeti did not react well to that.

She retorted, saying, "PROBLEM? When there's a 'problem' then periods don't happen. That's what I'm trying to tell you... it's shameful that you're 24 and you don't know about periods. It's so sad. Men really need to relax and understand what periods are. They need to understand that, this is not a problem. And when a girl doesn't get her period, that means she is sick. It's a healthy and natural thing. We aren't doing anything wrong, if we have our periods we don't have to go into hiding."

Standing up for every women out there. ?


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6. When Kangana Ranaut was asked which song she would dance to at a celebrity's wedding.

Clearly, someone thought that it was a VERY important question. A journalist actually asked Kangana, if she will be seen dancing at a celebrity's wedding anytime soon, and which song would she dance to.

To which the blunt Queen said, "Are you making fun of me? Do I look really simple to you? I'll give any answer or what?"


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7. When Alia Bhatt was questioned about her general knowledge.

Oh no, he didn't. A reporter took an awkward dig at Alia, when he asked her if she knew, why Holi was celebrated.

Alia, initially started walking away but then returned with a kick*ss comeback, "Do you know who South Africa's president is? Do you know who Singapore's president is? China's president? Don't ask if you don't know, bro."


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