Shahid Kapoor Reveals What He Expects of Misha Kapoor When She Grows Up

No, it's not a dancer or an actor.




Shahid and Mira Rajput's daughter, Misha, is barely a year old, and has already taken the world by storm.

Bollywood can't stop gushing over her, and neither can we. Just recently, Shahid posted a super-cute video of him and Misha, dancing away happily, which went viral.

So, at the UNICEF charity event for child education, which Shahid was supporting very enthusiastically, he was asked, whether he expects Misha to become a dancer, and an actor, just like him.

To which, he said, "My parents would tell me when I was small, that son, you do what you want to do, it is not necessary for you to do what we do.

"I didn't have any restrictions and expectations from their side. It is important that parents realise that yes, they give birth to the child, but you have your rights over them until a point and then they have their own lives to live.

"Misha is just eight months old now, she is very very small, but I hope she grows up to doing what she enjoys the most! Whatever she wants to do, I wish to stand by her and support her in every endeavour, and give her all the love I can, while I will expect her to work really hard to achieve what she wants in life."

As a message to all the parents, Shahid added, "But as a parents we should support, love and encourage our children. At times parents tend to pressurise their kids with their expectations, and I make sure I don't do it.

"I hope she (Misha) does whatever makes her happy, so when she was dancing with a smile on her face, I was happy that she was happy, if she is happy doing something else, I get happy seeing her do that! My happiness is in her happiness."

Isn't that adorable?!

Take note, all mums and dads.