Deepika Padukone Reacts to Priyanka Chopra's Met Gala Dress...

...and gives a fitting reply to fans hating on her dress!

Priyanka Chopra has been creating headlines lately, with her bold, trench coat gown look at the Met Gala.

It's been the rage in all of Hollywood, and even in Bollywood – people either loved her look, or hated it.

Even Deepika Padukone, who was present at the Met Gala, in a simple white gown, compared to Priyanka's daring look, had something to say about it.

At an event, Deepika was asked, how she felt about the memes, and jokes surrounding Priyanka's dress.

And this is what she said, "I have always looked at everything as opportunities. For me or her [Priyanka Chopra], it is not about what we are wearing but it is the opportunity of being at the event. For me, it was that. Some may like it, some may not. People you meet and the experience you have are the memories you make. The only time I would allow any sort of comment to affect me is when my mom or my girlfriends give me some flak for it."

When asked, how she felt about the flak, that she got for her 'vanilla look', Deepika said, "It's a collective decision. We work as a team. We work together to create a look. Sometimes you may like my look and sometimes you may not. I am not dressing for you, my love. I am dressing for myself."

You have to watch the video!

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDcsiIH_WXg[/youtube]

Well said, Deepika. ?