Guess Who Alia Bhatt is Spending Most of Her Time With?

Apart from her cats!




Being an actor who keeps giving us insights into her daily life and it's little quirks, we are getting to know Alia Bhatt more and more, and it's a well known fact that she is an ardent cat-lover. Edward, the recent addition to her family, or 'her son' as she calls him, keeps amusing us with its presence on Alia's Instagram, and boy, do we love him as well!

Alia Bhatt

But you'd be surprised to know, she often spends her time visiting Karan Johar, who recently became a parent to his adorable twins, Yash and Roohi. Everybody knows how close Alia is to Karan and his family, who gave her a dream launch in Bollywood in Student of The Year.

Alia is equally fond of his babies, and has been spending a lot of time with the twins while Karan Johar was at home, playing a perfect host to all the visitors who came to spend time with his kids. The director has just resumed work and is even thinking about making a creche at the office for when his babies visit the office, because he wants everyone to know them.

In a candid interview with a leading daily, he revealed, "Ever since they came home, I've been like a mother, a father and a well-behaved housewife. People have been dropping in non-stop to see them, they come in shifts, and I've been running around serving them tea and snacks. Alia Bhatt comes every other day and sits for hours. I'm not paranoid about people wanting to hold my babies."

Now that's awwsome, and we wish we could get a glimpse of them playing around! You wouldn't believe, the superstar director has certain rules as well!

The director has set some ground rules for guests who come to visit the baby, he added," I insist they sanitise their hands and take off their footwear first. Babies absorb energy. I like to think they are making eye contact with everyone, but they're just looking into oblivion. I like to imagine they are smiling in recognition but actually, they're just passing gas! The love and support I'm getting from friends who are a family are phenomenal. Everybody feels a sense of responsibility towards me and mine. Even old friends who have reconnected with me after their birth. Everybody says they are now so happy for me. I'm surprised. I didn't know so many people were unhappy with me earlier! I wish I had known. I was living a life of delusion thinking everything was great. But I would have enjoyed a moment of self-pity."

Woah! Looks like the parents are in safe hands, like literally, germ-free, safe hands!