Here's What Priyanka Chopra Has to Say to Bollywood Actresses Venturing Into Hollywood

" I don't like being conventional, but I was tried to put into that box so much..."

It's a pleasant surprise to see how the leading actresses of Bollywood, are not just equal to male actors, but are actually leading the game, when it comes to being cast in Hollywood. After Priyanka starring as the lead in the International TV series, Quantico and playing the role of the lead antagonist in her debut Hollywood film, Baywatch, it was Deepika Padukone who appeared in xXx: Return Of Xander Cage. News has it that Sonam Kapoor too has signed a film with an International house, as she revealed on KWK.

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Priyanka being the one to lead this brigade, was asked for her take on the whole development, and why she thinks that Bollywood actresses are catching Hollywood's fancy more, juxtaposed to the male actor fraternity. She believes it's a fast-catching trend in the West, to approach an actor from another soil, to add to that 'exotic' and 'glam' factor in their casting.

On being asked how it feels to have a global fan following, she said, "When you walk out and have people, who don't look anything like you, coming up and knowing you, it's amazing. And I hope that happens to them."

A room overflowing with fan-mail in a foreign land is a great motivation, and we can't help but feel proud of the milestones that PeeCee has achieved, one after the other. However, it was not so easy to dictate terms in a country that you're not a native of, and she recalls how she refused to be stereotyped into a particular role, that the West had declared best for actresses of her make.

"The exotic, beautiful Indian girl, is an easier fit in Hollywood movies, although I've decided never to do it! I did a show which is on my shoulders, I'm doing a movie in which I'm not the side-chick, I'm the main villain of the movie. I don't like being conventional, but I was tried to put into that box so much, that was the first place I was put into!"

Priyanka ensured that she will not do any role that doesn't have a strategic significance in whatever project she is working on, be it a film or her own TV show. Opting for the road not taken, she made it quite clear to the International Film Fraternity that she would not be just an 'exotic beauty', but would do credible work. And this, she really hopes, is what the incoming Bollywood actresses would emulate too, to make their own mark as a global star.

"The exotic, gorgeous pretty girl in amazing clothes is so... the fit of where people tried to put me. And I hope that doesn't happen to anyone else coming in, because it'll really ruin all the work I've done!"

As per Priyanka, she worked really hard (and rightly so) to create an image of herself as an actor that will not be side-lined, and as a representative of Bollywood, she really hoped all her efforts won't be wasted if her successors failed to stand up to showcase their true mettle.

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