What It's Really Like to Meet Shah Rukh Khan in Person

Fans on Quora reveal...

Imagine meeting your favourite celeb, your role-model, one you've practically grown up watching. Shah Rukh Khan is one such celeb for all us Indians, we couldn't imagine Bollywood movies without his humour, and drama obviously.

Fans wait hours, and pile outside his house just to get a glimpse of him. So you can only imagine what it's like for an ardent fan to actually meet him in person, maybe even get a picture or an autograph. Well some lucky fans managed to meet Shah Rukh, and of course they had to share the experience (bragging much!) with the world. Here's what they wrote on Quora.

This girl, who was happy being the silent observer

"I met Shahrukh Khan in 2015, on the set of Dilwale.

That time I studied at the University of Hyderabad, and as a regular foreign student in the city I used to make my pocket-money by acting as an extra in Indian movies. I also used to date a guy from Iran, who due to his good looks, was often selected for various movies.

One day he called me and told that he is in Ramoji for some movie shooting. He had known that I liked Varun Dhawan so he told me that he saw him on the set. He laughed at my excitement and said, "They say Shah Rukh will be coming too." My heart jumped to my throat. That was my chance to see Shah Rukh Khan! (needless to say that I am a die-hard fan) I asked my boyfriend to talk to the coordinator to cast me as an extra too.

They did, and I was on the sets of Dilwale for about a week. There were many other international students and we were all very excited to see Shah Rukh.

We were waiting outside a hall where Farah Khan was directing a dance sequence with Kajol. After a while we were called into the hall too. And Shah Rukh was just there, standing there talking to Farah. Oh my god! It was literally one of the brightest moments of my life! I grew up watching his movies and I could never imagine that one day, I would be on the sets of his movie. I could just stand there all day and look at him.

Although, I didn't try to get a picture with him, because there was always a huge crowd surrounding him, bugging him for pictures. I didn't want to bother him while he was doing his work (also, his bodyguard was really scary and unfriendly). I'm just happy that I got to see my hero from such close proximity."

Anna, S.

This guy who even ignored Deepika Padukone for Shah Rukh

"Shah Rukh Khan is a role model to millions, including me. I have been a hardcore Shah Rukh fan since I was 3-4 years old. And meeting him, after watching his movies repeatedly for 20 years, is just a dream come true. I met him during the promotions of Happy New Year, along with the whole cast.

All I can say is, 'WOW'. I was completely speechless on seeing him, I even forgot to ask him all the questions I had thought of. I even forgot to meet or greet the other case members, including Deepika Padukone!

People might think he is arrogant, and full of attitude, considering how big a star he is. But honestly, he is one of the most down-to-earth person one can ever meet. Out of all the celebs there, he was the ONLY actor who put his hand forward to shake our hands. He respected us and did not behave as a superstar. It was great to meet such a solid personality. I had heard a lot about his nature, the good and the evil side. But with this meeting, and seeing him greet us and others so nicely and respectfully, one can clearly say, Shah Rukh Khan is a not just a great actor, but also a great human being."

Saud, A.

This girl, who changed her entire career path to meet him

"I know this girl from Indonesia, a hardcore Shah Rukh fan. She was in love with Bollywood since she was a child, and at some point she decided that her life goal would be to meet Shah Rukh in person. So she finished her bachelors degree in Indonesia and started to plan her goal.

She applied for an Indian Government Scholarship. She even applied for a bachelors program in Kathak Dancing, despite the fact that she had never heard about the dance form before. She got the scholarship, and came to Mumbai. She broke curfews just to go to events where Shah Rukh was said to appear.

She went crazy trying to meet him. She sent him letters which he never replied to. So she took it a step further, and decided to camp in front of his house. Social media went crazy and made her mission viral. She camped outside his house for two days, after which he finally came out and met her, and took a picture with her. From what she said, he didn't seem very sympathetic. And the whole thing lasted less than 5 minutes.

There are loads of people who camp outside his house for days, and still don't see him. Guess it was just the power of social media that pushed Shah Rukh's PR team to get him to meet my friend."

Nietha, H.

This very lucky girl, who was inches away from him

"I still consider it to be the best day of my life being a die-hard Shah Rukh fan.

So, I study in Pune but happened to be at home, in Delhi for Diwali. And I had heard that Shah Rukh was going to be at the Shivaji Stadium Metro Station for the promotion of his film Ra.One.

I begged and pleaded with my dad to let me go. I said things like, "If I don't, I will regret it all my life. I won't be able to study." He just said 'meh' and started laughing.

I could NOT sleep the whole night. I could not do anything the next day. And finally, my brother called me in the evening telling me to get ready and that he will pick me up. So, there it was. My dream of meeting Shah Rukh was going to come true. Throughout my journey to the destination, I had this weird feeling in my stomach. I was comforting myself by saying that its going to be okay even if I don't get his autograph, as long as I just got to see him.

Finally I reached the place. After waiting for half an hour or so, the buzz started. Shah Rukh had arrived! I wasn't exactly very close to him, but I could still see him–surrounded by people, gelled hair tied in a pony, a plain black T-shirt and blue jeans.

He spoke on the mic for a while, answered some questions for the media, clicked some pictures. Then, he was about to leave. I was happy that I had seen him, and was getting ready to leave too. My brother and I headed downstairs to get the metro, when we heard that Shah Rukh was going to travel in the metro too. I almost froze with excitement.

They'd placed a barrier there, I rushed my way to it and stood right in front. And then he was there. I started screaming, requesting him to come towards me. He waved and walked right up to us. I had so much to say– like, how I'm crazy about him, how his humour makes me laugh all the time, how his movies can make me cry and smile at the same time. Yet, I froze, not a word out of my mouth. He kept saying how grateful he was that we took out the time to come meet him. He said how he was so humbled by our love. The whole time, all I could do was stand there and stare at him, completely enamoured by him.

The only time I moved was to hand him a paper and a pen to get his autograph. I was the first one among the crowd to get his autograph! He signed it, 'Love Shahrukh'.

He left after that, but the smile he gave me didn't leave me."

Ananya, B.