Here's What Game of Thrones Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Find your Game of Thrones doppelgänger.

Aries– Arya Stark

Much like Arya, you're driven, independent, kinda stubborn (you really have no interest playing by the rules). And just like the youngest Stark daughter, you hate being conformed. You crave freedom and you go after your goals with this relentless determination. No doubt you're very competitive.

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Taurus– Oberyn Martell

Taureans are um...pleasure seekers. And even though Tyrion Lannister is the 'god of tits and wine', you're more Oberyn. Besides the fact that you love all the sensual aspects of life, you're passionate and you're patient...well, until it's time to fight. But you possess the trait that ultimately led to his demise–stubbornness.

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Gemini– Little Finger

You're literally the twin sign, aka Little Finger in a nutshell. You're a mix of a master manipulator but also a talented conversationalist. You know how to work the entire kingdom in your favour by using the power of persuasion (of which you have plenty). Your two faces help you decide which one you want to wear in order to impress certain people (ahem, Sansa).

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Cancer– Margaery Tyrell

Like Margaery, you're caring and nurturing and the Queen that's loved by all. Obviously, family is incredibly important to you, and you would go as far as marrying the young Lannister children to uphold your family name. But you also have a fiercely protective side, and anyone who messes with you or your family members, well then, sh*t hits the roof.

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Leo– Daenerys Targaryen

Well, obviously! Who else can be as fierce and regal as the Khaleesi herself? You're powerful, you can bring the whole nation under your control, and you're willing to challenge anyone who stands in your way. You demand respect and are extremely protective of the 'weaker' ones. And obviously you add in a a whole lot of theatrics while you're at it.

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Virgo– Cersei Lannister

Cersei is wayy more than what she lets on. On the outside, she may be an iron fist who shows no weakness, but actually, she has her vulnerabilities, her heartbreaks and her triumphs. Her entire life revolves around her children, and she can destroy the world for her children. And rather than let emotions get in her way, she focuses on her ultimate goal and takes matters into her own hands.

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Libra– Tyrion Lannister

You're the quintessential Libra, just like Tyrion. You are extremely witty, quite analytical, and know exactly how to get out of trouble. You know how to maintain a balance and how to delegate your house, which is why Tryion is the perfect right hand man for the King/Queen. And obviously, you're extremely charismatic, which is why he is one of the most adored characters on the show.

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Scorpio– Brienne of Tarth

First things first, you value loyalty and bravery above everything else. You are a fighter and you feel strongly about things that you believe in. You're all about being a true friend. Once Brienne devotes herself to someone, she's all in, just like you. However if they break your trust, you don't think twice about breaking all ties and getting your revenge.

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Sagittarius– Jamie Lannister

You act first and think later, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. You're Jamie Lannister after all. Your sense of justice is incredibly strong, which is why you'd be okay with being called the Kingslayer, just so you can save the people of King's Landing. You love a good fight, and also love to dig your heels in something you really shouldn't do. You're loyal, which is both a good and bad quality, as it means you do a lot for the name of love.

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Capricorn– Jon Snow

You're the king in the north and loved by all. You're a hard worker and you make your way to the top with your skill and determination. Your sense of honour makes you a strong leader but your stubbornness can get you into trouble. You are the goat that will climb the highest mountain or die trying.

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Aquarius– Ned Stark

You are revolutionaries, you are opinionated and outspoken and have a strong sense of ethics and morality. Even though it can cost you your head, you would rather stick to your good morals and lead your followers to do the same. You are loved by all, especially your family, just like Ned–he was a devoted husband, father and friend. You are strong on the outside, but have an incredibly gentle soul.

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Pisces– Sansa Stark

Like Sansa, you dream of living a happily-ever-after life. You're the ultimate dreamer, but you can be quite gullible at times, so work at creating a more practical outlook. You are the epitome of femininity and beauty and flow with whatever floats other people's boats. Even though you've suffered some brutal encounters, you rise above it all. And we think you have something secret in store for us, and we can't wait to see it in the coming episodes.

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