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Kalki Koechlin Just Posted a Naked Picture and Some People Have Sickening Responses to It

Just #LoveYourNakedness guys!

Bollywood celebs have been making headlines lately for their bold pictures and powerful statements.

Esha Gupta in particular, came under the limelight for her semi-naked pictures that she posted all over Instagram in order to promote healthy living. But with fame (and tonnes of followers) comes social media trolls. The haters who leap at every chance to body shame and slut shame anybody who steps beyond the cultural norms of Indian society.

Esha bore the brunt of the haters and their filthy comments by clapping back in the best possible way–she posted more naked pictures!

And the latest celebrity to join the 'body positivity' bandwagon is our August cover-girl Kalki Koechlin! She took to Instagram to post a powerful picture and get people to accept their nakedness. Because there's nothing wrong in being naked, after all we were born that way.

[instagram ][/instagram]

But obviously, several narrow-minded people flooded her picture with obscene comments.

Look at what they had to say:

However, there were loads who loved her body confidence and commented back supporting her movement. And we're totally with them! Plus, how stunning does she look?