#IShapeMyWorld: The New Trailblazer For Women Empowerment Is Here

Kudos to these women for shaping their life, their way!




Levi's is back with the second edition of their #IShapeMyWorld campaign—launched in March, this year.

After a very successful first edition that touched millions of hearts, Levi's has come with another season of #IShapeMyWorld to continue the movement.

Forget about the long prevailing notions of the society, the 'beaten to death' definition of beauty and the barriers that constantly cage women from showing what they really stand for. It's time to break those barriers and step out to show the world the real you, ladies!

Meet three fabulous women who are shaping their own world, instead of letting the world shape them.

"Back then in Delhi, to even think to have a career in this industry, everyone would think you're doing something wrong. Nobody would even dare to dream of doing all of this," says Shakti Mohan. The dancing sensation in India was once told she would never be able to walk again, let alone dance. Persistent with stubborn dedication, Shakti had other plans. Not only did she dance, she won Zee TV's dance reality show Dance India Dance and the rest is history.

"I find it extremely funny when people tell me that I look manly because of my muscles... What is a man without the muscles―a woman?" says Bani J. VJ turned actor Bani, who quickly became a household name with her stint on reality TV show Roadies, never imagined that the entire nation would disapprove of her body transformation, when she took to her passion of keeping fit a few years ago. 'Overtly muscular' and 'masculine' are remarks that would constantly come her way. Without paying heed, she continues to challenge societal perceptions by reminding people that beauty is subjective, while being unapologetic and fearless in her pursuit of doing what she loves. You go, girl!

"I was always this very shy and self-conscious person once I hit my teens, so I was always constantly picked on for my body type," says Ileana D'cruz, who had always stepped away from the limelight. Little to the world's knowledge, she has been battling body dysmorphic disorder, depression and anxiety over the last 15 years. Even today, she refuses to give in to her illnesses, determined to make her mark in an industry that is known to be ruthless.

Kudos to these #BawseBabes for shaping their world, on their own terms! ?

Watch the exclusive #IShapeMyWorld campaign video below:

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