What is it Like to Meet Priyanka Chopra?

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When your job requires dining at the white house, partying in mega-yachts, shooting in exotic locations, travelling the world and meeting fans here, you know you've made it in life and how.

Priyanka Chopra the global icon has had things going for her in every way. From co-star to fans, everyone has the nicest things to say about her.

Fans have spilled some beans on meeting her in person on Quora. Let's take a look at what they said:

"I have met Priyanka Chopra three times. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and interact with her on multiple levels. The first time I met Priyanka it was in August of 2013. Priyanka had came to New York City to promote her international album and her film. 'Planes'. I heard she was going to be at Good Morning America studios and I knew this was my chance to meet her. So I went and I was a bit late so I thought she had left but I saw a black car pulled up and I knew it was her. I froze. Eventually I went up to her and she politely told me that after her interview she promised to interact with me. So I waited. She could've easily went through the back entrance of the studio to avoid me but she kept her promise she came out and walked right to me. We posed for pictures and I gave her a card. She immediately recognized my Twitter name and said, "oh so you are StacySuperDuper!" I freaked out and asked her if she knew my name. And she said "of course I know you Stacy!" She hugged me like twice and held my hand the entire time. After our meeting she tagged me in Twitter and Instagram showing her gratitude. I mean who does all that for fans? Only Priyanka. Now the second time I met Priyanka again in NYC and she came to promote her single 'I can't make you love me'. I had a RSVP to watch her music video and interact with her again. I met her mom who was more than gracious. There were hundreds of people from the press, fans, etc all waiting to meet Priyanka and she interacted with every single person. I remember going up to her and shaking like crazy. She spoke to me like I was someone important and not just a fan. And she remembered my name! I remember handing her a bracelet and she told me to put it on her wrist. Can you imagine?! My hands were shaking of course but I eventually put it on her and she wore it throughout the rest of the evening. We took selfies and she gave me hugs. I died! Now the THIRD time she came to NYC to shoot for Quantico. There was a whole line of fans stretching to a block and a half down. It was her lunch break however Priyanka skipped lunch and made sure to meet and greet with every single person on the line. We met again and posed for pictures. She loved my gifts and she gave me the tightest hug ever. My phone case has the coolest picture of Priyanka ever with her pink Harley bike and she noticed it. She took my phone and legit talked to me about how much she loved my phone case and she talked about her bike. She told me to tell everyone "that's my pink Harley." In total Priyanka is the coolest person you will ever meet. She's one of the biggest celebrity's in the world, but she's humble, kind and so down to earth. She treats you like a friend. She's coming back to shoot for Quantico's season 2 in NYC. So you never know there may be a fourth time!

Update: it did happen for the 4th time!

Note: I am not a stalker, I would never go about doing that. Just someone who's a dedicated fan and extremely lucky."

Stacy Amanda Singh,

"Okay so this was ages ago 2005–06. I was out with family for dinner and she was there in the same hotel for a press conference for Spice(she was the brand ambassador for them at that time).

She was a rising star back then but still a huge deal. I remember I heard people shouting her name and thats when I got to know that Priyanka is here. I saw her leaving the hotel after maybe finishing her press conference. She was walking towards the exit and her body guards were accompanying her she was looking beautiful in a blue saree and believe me she was as tall as her body guards. I was a kid back then in 5th or 6th standard I got really excited and I didn't want to miss the opportunity of meeting her specially when the star is in your city. I arranged a pen and paper to get her autograph and rushed towards her till the time I reached she was about to sit in her car I asked her for her autograph even though there was a huge crowd and she was just about to leave she smiled and gave me her autograph and I thanked her. I found her really sweet and humble.I came back home and pasted that paper in my autograph diary. I'll see if I can find that diary I'll add a photograph to the answer. :)"

Niharika Katoch

"I have met Priyanka Chopra 2 times. It was wonderful the first time when I saw her at Heathrow airport. I said hello and got her autograph. The people (I think bodyguards) were not allowing me to take a picture for some reason, but it was very nice. The second time I was able to take a photo, but I can not find it. I was at one of her movie premieres and she was there to greet everyone."

Anubhav Nigam

Is she perfect or what!?